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Woodsball Tips

For Pump/Stock Class tips and tactics Check Here

For other tips and tactics check below.

Feel free to add your own tips.

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Woodsball Tips/Tactics

Woodsball Tip/Tactics

Lets start with before you even playÖ


-Buy camo. It actually really does help. Make sure you get some good camo though. If you buy just some cheap stuff from Wal-Mart donít be surprised that after a couple washes it will be faded and not near as a good. Look for maybe some hunting camo or some actual military camo. Should be able to find it at any army surplus store. Be warned though the actual military stuff is really thick and damn hot. Also get camo that matches where you are. If you are playing in the summer or spring get some camo with a lot of green in it. In winter get the one with white and grey shades, and then in fall get the brown and orange ones. (Orange as in tree leave orange)
-Donít just buy camo pants and shirt.. Try and camo up your marker, a brightly coloured speedball marker is going to get you spotted. Get some camo tape or camo fabric to put over. If you gun is black, it should be fine. Except in winter. In the winter I would just rig up some old white socks into some thing I can slip onto the gun. Works fine.
-Donít forget about shoes. A pair of white sneakers kind of defeats the point of wearing camo.. Get some long pants and maybe put them over, make sure you wonít trip though.
-Mask, most masks are black. Not bad, you can get camo things to put on your mask though. And keep your visor on. Not only does it keep the sun out of your eyes but also it helps prevent sun from hitting you lens and reflecting. (reflecting goggles is a good way to find people)


-get long pants for sure. The woods are unforgiving. If you wear shorts, you will bleed and get many cuts and scratches. So wear long pants. Not only does it prevent cuts but also prevents bug bites and helps prevent getting things like poison ivy.
-long shirt. Same reasons. Cuts, bites, rashes. Also if you bought camo, a skin coloured arm is easy to notice and ruins the point of getting camo.
- rubber boots are great. You donít need to worry about anything with them.. run through puddles, mud, everything. Because soakers are not fun.
-gloves, help prevent bites, poison ivy and scratches. Also in the winter they are very nice to have. And once again for the reasons of camouflage.
-hat, or something like it. Bandana, sock hat, whatever. Especially if you have blonde or light hair. I use a bandana but use it Rambo style to keep my sweat out of my eyes.


-around a 12-14Ē barrel. Anything longer will get in the way. You have to remember there are branches and bushes and stuff, something long will get in the way.
-Research different markers and equipment. Make your decisions wisely.

When at the Field


-do they have bunkers set up, or is it strictly the woods. If they have bunkers; check them out. When guys make fields they usually set them up so you can have a good shot at another bunker but at the same time be at risk. Find this out. Go to each bunker and look around. Find some escape routes you might be able to remember. Check if there is some places that you want to avoid, open areas, swampy, really thick, so that you donít accidentally run into them while playing.
-make sure you know your way around. Youíd hate to get lost. It would be embarrassing and would waste time.
-if you get poison ivy easy or are allergic to some things. Double check that there is none of that in the area.
-make sure there is nothing else in the area. So you donít come running out of the woods onto a street or fall down something.

Other Players

-talk to your team mates, think of a plan before you play. Pick a buddy to go with. I almost always do this. Iíll explain later.
- check out your opponents. Watch when they do their field check too, try and notice what they look for.

Game Time


-follow through with your teams plan. Get in positions so you can be prepared. Get some guys to go wide, for potential flanking, cover and reinforcement. Get one guy to go up the middle. Have him be the one with good reaction speed and able to make good cover out of bad spots. He will mostly likely be the one that stirs up the enemy. The rest follow at sides and back a bit but close enough to quickly help out the front guy.
-if you were planning on being on the defensive; get guys in excellent spots. Make sure they know only shoot when they can actually make the tag. Also, make sure they can get out of their hiding spots quickly and easily to help out other players. Set up an ambush, try to predict the other teams movement. Have guys at the sides again, just in case. And then just wait, itíll seem like forever but just stay there and wait it out. Eventually they will come. Unless they also are playing defensive. Games like that can last a long time. Eventually one team will crack and move up.
-the main part of the start should be getting yourselves prepared for the rest of the game. Take advantage of this, its a lot easier to move around when you arenít getting shot at.


- quiet. Stealth is your friend in the woods.. Watch where you step. Leaves, twigs, water, are loud when stepped on.. And can easily give away your location. In the winter its not as bad.. Snow is pretty quiet, but so is the woods. Sound travels very easily in the winter woods, be warned of this.
-crawling, get down and dirty. You may risk getting poison ivy though. But crawling is a great way to get around. Especially during encounters, they probably wonít be able to find you, crawling is usually quieter too. And the obvious advantage, a lot harder to see and hit.. Some one flat on the ground is a hard target. And since they probably donít know exactly where you are, it doesnít help.
-which is another point. Always stay low. Whether you are crawling or walking, stay low. You are much harder to see then some guy just standing tall cruising around.
-Be swift when you need to be and sloth when you need to be. If you are out numbered and have other team mates back then get back, hopefully your team could set up an ambush using this event also. If you are out numbered but no one is left. Be very slow and cautious. If they see you and they are firing, run, but get a good spot ASAP. When running like that its easy to forget and end up getting pinned some where. Or you are so caught up about getting away you trip, thatís definitely not good.
-another, be careful. The woods are full of tripping hazards; roots, branches, fallen trees, vines, holes, everything. And falling is not only painful, you can get noticed by the other team, or worse, damage your equipment.

The Buddy System

-remember when I said get a buddy, this is where he comes in.
-now if your buddy is a good player then really take advantage of that. Cover each other. Do the leapfrog tactic. (one guy goes forward, the other covers, then the other guy goes forward and the other guy covers.) decide if you want to stick together or split but still be kind of close. Find what you are comfortable with. And cover each other, play as if the rules were if your buddy gets out so do you. Two guys really working together can take on 4 that arenít.
-if your buddy isnít the greatest player then you can use this trick.. Itís a little nasty but it works. Get your buddy to follow you say, 20-25 feet behind you work your way behind the enemy, keeping very quiet and hidden.. Now get set up to get some guys out.. But still be invisible.. Now take some shots so they know some one is there.. By now your buddy should be following and assuming he isnít a great player like you thought, he would not be hiding as well and they will get him out.. Then wait a while to do anything. They will think there was only one guy there and that they got him out, leaving you completely forgotten and keeping your presence not known. And they will probably figure it was the one guy that they sent out to flank on that side, so they will probably become sloppy when it comes to covering themselves from there, so even easier for you to make a move. Now I know you lost one player, but if you play it right that one player can help in the process of the other team losing 2-3 players.
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-if you are the solo kind of guy, like me. You donít really have anyone to rely on for helping you out. You have the Calvary back where you split, but you are really on your own. You need to be very alert and ready to go.. You should be extra quiet. And extra sneaky. The main job of the solo guy is to pick off the strays or set up the opponent for your team, or for a strategic move. Take your time. Donít risk giving yourself away.


-when you encounter the enemy you have to determine if they know where you are or not and if they know where your team mates are or not.. If it looks like they have no clue then sit and wait.. Get low and hide.. Wait until you know you can hit them and pick them all off. You have to be watching too, if one starts running away, make sure you donít lose him. Get him out at all costs before he could have the chance or warning the others. But if you waited long enough you should be able to get them all, unless it was just one and maybe 3-5 of them..
- if you are out numbered in an encounter and are not noticed, you need to decide if you can take them all out or if you have no chance or if you want to take as many out as you can before you get shot. I either hide and let them by or go blazing and take them out and donít worry about me.. Like I said, losing one guy but taking 3 or so of theirs in the process is worth it. Unless your team is hurting and running low on players.. In which case you should regroup and take them on together.

- If you are with more then one guy and are about to be encountered and they know you are there. Then get ready. Try pinning them down soon and getting guys to go around. Make sure you have good cover and good shooting lanes. Keep informed of their locations if you see one moving let your team know. Communication is your friend in shootouts. Donít get tunnel vision on the guy youíre mostly shooting at. Still keep an eye out for a new location if things get too intense or keep an eye out for flankers or other team mates joining.
-If you are alone and you are about to encounter and they know you are there. Get great cover and try to hold your own, or take off.
-If you are solo and you hear an encounter take advantage. You now have to chance to easily get around and flank or come from behind, the enemy will be distracted by the people that are shooting at them. You still have to be sneaky though, you canít just run around because you think they wonít be paying attention.
- If you encounter one other guy and you both see each other, then hurry and get the better position. And get him out quickly because the gunfire will attract his team mates. And also it will come down to just camping and shooting from your bunkers. In which case, move. Get out and force him to move too. Much better chance of hitting him if he isnít in a bunker. And the same goes for you, still keep behind trees and stuff.
-Now say you were encountered and you didnít know they were thereÖ get down. At first shot, just get down. Then from there crawl to the nearest bunker or good cover. If you had team mates with you get locations ASAP. If you were by yourself itís going to be tough. Get good cover then go back to what I said about if you encounter more then one guy when by yourself.


-trees are also your friend. Fat trees are awesome, great cover. You can even stand behind them, though I donít recommend standing. But skinnier trees can be difficult; usually trees have a mound or have growth at the base of them. Get down on the ground and use this as cover. Many trees together are good too.
-Bushes. Thick bushes are good to stop balls, thin bushes are good for you get shoot through. But the enemy can shoot through too. So be careful
-weeds, tall weeds are good to hide in, keep you well hidden but also you can shot through them if the enemy goes by.
-Fallen branches and trees provide good cover. On some you can get right in there and use it as a pillbox type thing.
-Water, whether it is creeks, puddles, flooded areas. Water can be good. If you arenít worried about getting wet and getting you equipment wet then get in those creeks and puddles. Also creeks usually fall into creek beds and you can use the wall of the creek bed to hide from people above.

Finding the Opponent

-Look for movement, they maybe plastered in camo or a guillie suit, but movement will still give them away.
-Shiny spots, mask lenses are very visible when the sun hits them.
-Skin, white skin is easy to spot when itís against the greens of the woods.
-Abnormal colours Look very closely
-Listen, in the woods itís very easy to hear someone coming. Donít be fooled by the wind or falling braches, nuts, leaves. A person sounds a lot different then anything else.

Tagging the Opponent

-Best way is to hide very well and wait for them to come to you. Wait until they are close, should be an easy/clear tag.
-In a shoot out, get moving. Get around him force him out of bunker to open him up. Now we will have much more body open for a hit.
-Use speedball tactics. Snap shooting, going out then staying out waiting for them to pop back out.
Do anything you can to expose them so you can hit something.
-Look for hopper, many players will hide and completely forget that they have a thing on the top of their guns and will leave it sticking out of the top of their cover. When I had powerfeed I would turn my hopper side ways ands down so I could get higher in the cover and not risk it getting shot.
-If you canít make the tag, then set it up so some one else on your team can. Put down cover fire, hold the player down, or push him towards an ambush.

Down to one more guy

-youíve made it this far. Down to on more guy. All too many times I see guys get sloppy or cocky when thereís one guy left. If anything, you should be more careful. That one guy is going to be playing harder then he has all game. Itís all up to him now, his adrenaline is going to be pumping and he is psyched. Just because there is one guy left doesnít mean the game is a wrap, Iíve seen games completely go the over way before, because the winning team underestimated the last guy. Be careful and take him out.

Sneaky Tricks

-carry some rocks or look for some. Throw them to distract or lead the enemy to a different area.
-Sticks work well too. So do paintballs. If you can afford to lose some paint and canít find any rocks, then throw paint.
-If you're playing Stock class, then throw your empty 12 grams.
-Place an extra mask or sweater to distract the enemy into thinking a player is there.
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Good formations are what can make or break a team.
Now, when it comes to planning formations, it depends or how you are going to play this round:


If you plan on defending this round, that is wait for the enemy to come to you, then you should try this:

-Get some guys to be ahead a bit, in the probable area that the team will be coming through. Basically use these guys as scouts to know when the other team is coming, no more then 2 for this.
-Have 1-2 guys far on each side to prevent potential flaking.
-Have maybe 1 guy back a bit, just in case some one gets through and decides to attack from behind.
-Then have the rest of the team in the centre of you other team mates. They should have excellent cover. Then just wait.

Once the enemy comes, have your front guys to retreat and lead them right into your centre players. Then have your men to the side come and box them in.


If you plan on leading you team to an attack, then just give out positions and jobs to each player. Pick the assigned task based on numbers of players on your team, the playerís skill, the players that work well together.

-You must have guys goes wide. To flak or protect against flanking.
-Must have some one go up front. To stir them up
-must have guys in the middle and guys at the back.

Thatís the basic formation I always assign. Works fairly well. But when I have limited players or plenty of players I get original.

You could always try to go up in a huge group, though I donít advise it. But you could probably push through fairly easy against a team that is using a sloppy formation.

A straight line. Used in the American Revolution I believe.. or 7 years war.. Whatever side made a single to two-man line to seem as though they had more men. Just coming up the field straight, basically creating a wall, which prevents passing any flakers or snipers, which would potentially take you out. Only probably with this is, its easy to break through, take out a few links and you are free to get past it, leaving a gap between the remaining members of the team.

Splitting the team into two and using two large flaking teams. Maybe keep 1-2 to go up the middle to keep them distracted. Then when both flaking teams are at the side on the other teams group then just close in on them. Being shot from both sides, especially with heavy fire, they will be done. They will try and get out. This is where your front guys come in and block them off even more. The only way out is back, and if they were the defending team, then chances are they are fairly close to the rear boundaries so they wont be able to move at all.

A broken line. Try the straight line/wall one again. But this time break it up. Have two advancing straight lines. One a bit behind the other. and in a fill in the gaps pattern. Like this:
that way if the other team does break through, then they just run into your second line.

Free for all/everyone solo. This works okay. The confusion usually causes your team to collapse, but some times you can pull it off. Just have everyone go do his or her own thing. Do keep a sort of plan or objective though. You canít just send everyone in and expect them to play all right. Depending on the other teams formation, it might work, and it might not. The thing that usually makes you win with this is the confusion of the other team. Players are coming from every where, with no particular pattern to the attack. Therefore no predicting the next moves.

The main things to keep in mind while playing woods ball is that itís equally important to focus on yourself and team members. Most people get the idea that they can just run into the woods and portray the role of Rambo and take on everyone themselves. This usually isnít the case. Like any team-based sport, you need your team mates.

So concentrate on the individual things before you get to the field, but once you get there itís up to everyone to get the game in the bag.
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get 1000 or 1500 rounds of cheap paint if you're just playing with friends
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depending on the size of the area:

Stop, look, and listen (and wait a bit). Then move up and repeat. At least wear some darkish/natural colors if you don't have camo. I once had good results with a plain green dress shirt that was nearing the end of it's life. Other preparations are similar to those needed for hiking.

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good thing this is back... you didmnt have to redo it did you?

Wait now i notice u said wear ong pants... made that mistake... got tons of bites and cut my legs badly. Had a huge cut on the back of my kneee, hurt every time i moved.

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Just because you see someone doesn't mean they have seen you. When u see someone just lie down in the grass and if u can wait for them to pass. Then u can elimnate that person. Or even try to get behind the team and have fun... :-D
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for paint depending on how you play, 1000-1500 should be good... try not shooting unless you have a very open shot as something like a tiny twig or branch will break the ball... and try to walk around as quiet as you can. and every once in a while stop, and listen for movement...
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Wear camo, if you have it. When youre advancing, walk low and slow. If you have teams, play leap frog. Have one person move up to maek sure its clear then the other advances and gaves him cover. Repeat until youre where you want be.
Also dont fire until you know you can hit them.
Buy Big Ball, thats what I use and never chop. You'll onyl need 1,000-1,500.
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also..you don't need to use trees as cover all the time. try laying in ferns or tall grass but remember to where long pants and a long shirt becuase of ticks. 1000 for a day of woods ball should do depending on how many people are playing. Just like number one noob said don't fire unless you can hit them..thats true too. Crawling works, stop and listen every 5 steps or so, take your time its woodsball. Good Luck!
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yeah as hot as it is to play in long pants and long sleve shirts.. it really saves ya from bugs and plants (torns, branches, poison ivy)
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in some places in woods there isn't the best cover. if some one on the other team is behind lets say a bush some of your paintballs could go through it and get the person.
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- thats it for now

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in my experiences somehow paintballs like to go through bushes....lol when that happens it sux....
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i own the bunker b****
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i also got some tactics
alot of places u can see where the other team starts off so this is what u do stay there for a while till they think u rnt there then move very carefully and stealthy along the edges this will give u cover, wiat a little ur team will distract players dont be seen and slowly move up until u get a shot on an enemy, dont take it yet wait and see what they r doing see if more of em come and be patient, ive done this and 3 guys came to an area and started to move up behind me then u flank em, rush them fire alot make sure they are all out ive seen kids think they get someone out then get shot. this only works if u r unseen and quiet also u must be patient

another, at my feild the middle is kinda no mans land but the sides r where everyone goes, most of the time we split up but we do this sometimes, rush ur whole team to one area most of em have to be fast, get as far as u can without being shot and do the leaprfrog trick whith a few of ur team (its good to keep a guy in bak to protect from flanking) keep rushing and never give em a break this makes it easy to bunker the guys, keep em movin bakc and scared and u basically got em,
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soft cover (bushes, ferns, etc..) is better than no cover but if you're trading paint with someone in a bunker you're going to get creamed.

lying down can be good sometime, but most of the time you will be exposing yourself to a lot more shots due to the arcing trajectory of paint. squatting or kneeling is better, you can get almost as low and can shoot from both sides of your cover.

some people like to run up along the flank.. just remember not to get to far ahead of your team, and find a position that is very defendable when you decide to open fire.
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Wear a cup. It may be uncomfy but alot more comfy then slicing you nuts open and having to get stitches. Not a personal story but I know someone it happened to.
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send out a suicide squad. Suicide squad- defensive, about 3 people go ahaead and hide and wait for the enemy to attack. once the opposing team passes they come out and attack from the rear
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Exclamation Recball Tips and Tactics

This is a cleaner, longer version of my last speedball tips,this thread is brought to you by popular demand. Here are some tips i've though of my own and read from magazines such as P2X,APG and PBM..hope it helps


Peeking-Depending on where you peek out from your bunker is really important you have 3 choices: top,left and right. when peeking out from the left or right you have a limited amout of opponents in your sight and vice versa, but when peeking out from the top you make yourself available for the whole field to see, and you cant look at everybody at once so chances are your gonna be eliminated.

Sliding- When running long distances from bunker A to bunker B can be very difficult, sliding allows you to make a less chance of paint to hit you, by getting low and not standing up straight.

Crawling-Crawling is very effective in lowering the chance of getting eliminated, try hitting someone while they're flat on the ground its extremley hard, and be shre not to do it at a certain angle if your crawling sidways and they've got you'r whole body in sight your about to be eliminated.

Less weight-Always remember the less weight you hafto carry helps you run faster,(try running from paint going up to 300 feet per second while carrying 10 pounds of equipment in your hands, it'll be hard.) This is why fast players perfer stock markers and pumps,less weight= more speed.

Taking care of your gun-Please respect your gun and oil it very frequently and check it for problems between gams, oil gives the bolt and hammer more sliding ability so it will make the bolt move more smoothly, instead of grinding solid metal to metal.

Covering Fire-Covering Fire helps when running from point A to point B. You ask your teammates to provide covering fire and what they do it fire their gun at their opponents(not actually trying to hit them.) so they can stay in their bunkers while you can run where you please.

Trixy-Move bunkers Frequently When your oppenents aren't looking, if they think your in a bunker in front of them and you are in a bunker behind them they have no chance(this is one of my favorite tactics)

Flank- when you have one opponent on the other side of the bunker, and you have more than one teammate(s), attack from both sides and at the same time. 99% of the time it will work. very rarely have i seen it not work.

Blind fire-Blind fire premotes nothing, there is almost no chance of hitting anyone,it's careless, makes you open to hoppershots, and you have a chance of a running teammate in front of you which makes a possibility for you to eliminate your own teammate.

Bunkering-Bunkering is a high risk move in speedball, first of all before you do it you need to think "how many people are left on both teams" when its a low number on your opponents team ex: 1 or maybe 2, you can do it but first of all you need to let your oppenents know that your going to do it(using a code-word really helps because you dont wanna yell out "IM GONNA BUNKER THAT GUY IN THE LEFT CORNER!!" its a big mistake letting them know) when going up have your opponents fire at them and draw their attention from one side of the bunker so you can come around the other side and shoot them from behind.

Look alike-If your whole team dresses and look identical it would be confusing for your opponents to identify who their shooting at. Imagine shooting at a guy in a bunker in front of you and all of a sudden you see a guy from the other side of the feild shooting at you and looks exactly the same! it would be hard to tell your teammates where they all are.

Cant see-If you cannot see your opponents lenses that usually meens he can't see you which makes a perfect oppertunity to fire at them without seeing you.

Communication-Communication is a very important aspect of playing with your teammates it makes the game easier saying thigs like Where your opponents are at, who they are directing their attention to, if one opponent is trying to bunker you and when one has moved or is moving.

Specific jobs- if you give your teammates specific jobs like back player or front player it will help the organization of the team, front players basically do a large majority of shooting while back players provide paint for the front players (that's why they carry more pods than other players.)

poking out-be shure not to poke out your body out of a bunker when shooting at more than one person Ex: if your shooting at a guy in a bunker to your right and your BUTT or SHOE is sticking out for your other opponent theres a simple game for you right there.

Carry squeegie-When in a game be shure to carry a squeegie with you if you have a broken shell in your barrel and paint everywhere, It'll make your paint go wicked crazy you'll never be on target. so carry that barrel cleaner so you can get back in the game.

GOGGLES ON-ALWAYS keep your goggles on during a game or even leaving the feild you can lose an eye or have a cuncussion, you will get yelled at by ref's im just savin you the trouble.

Remember-Paintball is all about fun so just go out there and have as much fun as possible.

Streams-when on the break of a game you can shoot many paintballs in one lane and eventually someone will run into it and get eliminated, there's one guy right there

I hope this thread will help you new players and maybe even you more experienced players. have fun balling -Dustin
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if you run out of ammo, or if you just want to lay down supressive fire and don't want to waste paint, just fire dry. You may know that your not shooting anything, but the enemy probably doesn't.

if moving with a group, throw a couple of people out about 30-40 feet ahead of the rest. This allows your group to know about up coming obsticals/personnel that you may run into. Along with this comes the need for the knowladge of hand signals, at least for your forward scouts and your leader of the main group, just so that there is commmunication. This is also why you have more than one scout. If need be, you can send one of them back to report to the main leader, and give him more detailed information than anyone can with hand signals while still haveing one man out in front on watch.
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the dry firing works if its blent in with some one elses firing going in the same direction, other wise, most experience players can tell that its dry firing. But against new players, it usually works
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yeah, even some noobs can tell though, or they think you cranked up the velocity and are shooting better bullets.

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Hahaha, if you want a way to clear someone out of a bunker, and scare the living crap out of them (this is ONLY in outlaw ball mind you) get a bunch of those cheap fireworks, you know the fake m-80 kind. They fit perfectly in your barrel. Light it, and dry fire it at the bunker. If you do it right, you can land it next to them. Goes off, and BANG!!!! they come running out like a bat outta hell. It's a lot of fun

- Brian

** NOTE **

If you use the fireworks that i mentioned, no one could possibly get hurt, unless you're a total moron and and set it off in your hand. This could start a woods fire if you're not smart, so be careful if you actually decide to do this.
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hiking boots and water resistant/repellant pants
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brian, we used to have lady fingers i think they were called.. and we'd get some one to lite a huge strand.. and they make it sound like a gun fight.. so other players come in and they get wasted.

also you cant hear anything else when they are going so you can make moves
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