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Question Ion help.

Alright people. I need some noob-friendly advice/help here because Google just isn't cutting it. Let me describe my setup right quick:

Near stock ion (upgraded eye and body kit)
JT nVader goggles w/ thermal lens
Smart Parts clothing
16" Ceramic J&J performance barrel
Crossfire 68/30
BT Tactical gravity hopper

Now, apart from an agitating hopper, what should I be upgrading/buying? From what I understand, I should be getting a QEV. I'm also considering a remote line. I did play paintball quite a bit back during high school, and now, 3 years later, a few friends and I have decided to pick it back up. Also, what exactly is an on/off valve and is it worth buying? I realize I'm throwing a lot out there, but any help is greatly appreciated.
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While they're said to be nice shooters - Ions are still Turds. If you decide to polish a turd, you'll only be attempting to make poop more appealing.

Now - the first upgrades you should ever consider should be the equipment around your marker.

Tank - 68/45. They're expensive, but you'll get more out of it over the long haul. Also, they're easily hocked and usually net $100.
Mask - I'm not specifically familiar with JT masks, but I can't remember reading anything on this. To me that means 1 of 2 things. 1)Its not up to snuff. 2)Its old enough to no longer be in production. Invest a couple bucks into a well fitting mask. Try them on, don't just order blindly. TO see what's currently available - check TRBO's signature.

Hopper - Halo Too/Spyder Fasta. Compared to a grav-feed...they are expensive, but you'll have a round loaded every time you pull the trigger. This will become increasingly important the further and further you get into the sport.

After that... I usually suggest a harness, then knee pads, then a marker, then pants.

But - its all up to you.
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nvader is the low end JT mask, nothing wrong with it safety-wise.

If this were 2006, you would want all those ION upgrades; these days we know better and realize it's not worth the money.
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I mean this next part in a sincere and non-defaming way...

Don't go cheap.

There are deals - and then there are "cheap alternatives". If you go cheap - you aren't likely to be satisfied with the quality of workmanship of the product you're playing with. I can't begin to tell you how many times I made this mistake before wising up and learning that you can't financially short-cut your way into a good and fun day out.

Best example of these are hoppers and masks -

While you can get an inexpensive mask for $30 that is rated to save your face from 300fps impacts, it won't be dual pane. The foam probably won't be as comfortable as it could - and its likely a single, unhinged piece. I've been there. I've looked at the $110 mask at the top of the line, and made the $30 decision so I could still afford a case of paint that paycheck. Upon using the mask- I found out why it was $30. That's not to say that you can't get good stuff for less... but going for product based on price...more so than learning the price points? You won't be a satisfied customer.

If you want a grav-fed'll run you 4 bucks. The next step up is a Proto Primo - for about $20ish. From there - they make a variety of garbage agitation hoppers...that should be skipped. The Fasta comes in between 65 and 75. The Halo Too between 65 and 85. Pinokio around 100. Then the Rotor/Prophecy/Spire at the price for most entry level markers.

Masks are between 65 and 120. Make sure they're dual pane.

Tanks - American made tanks are going to have fresher hydro dates, and easier servicing and warranties. Ninja is a great company to work with - though they're on teh ASTM board and won't re-install older regs that... while still good..don't meet the required ASTM thread length. Crossfire has poor customer interaction, but provides a quality product at a price that...I guess...compared to the industry - warrants the level of customer service. I forget the 3rd...CP? Expect to spend about $150 on a new, recently born xx/4500psi tank.

What you have is usable and probably will suit you alright with what you have...but before you throw more money at a marker that really...won't get any better...upgrade around the marker. If you can't justify the expense - have fun with what you have .

Note: I'm not an APPA registered player. I'm not sponsored or paid by any paintball company or organization. I'm just trying to prevent you from making the mistakes I did - and filling your gear bag with hundreds of dollars of..well... crap.
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First off a nice mask is always good. And from what dprimmy said about masks yes there are $30 ones and $110 ones. I tend to play with the higher ends one but the empire helix, the proto switch and the jt flex masks are nice and will work great for a low dollar.
For a hopper i vote to buy used you can pick up a halo, vlocity, reloader, magna, egg or even a prophecy for under the price of a new halo too
Get a carbon fiber tank thats all i am gonna say about that.
Personally as long as you have a bolt out the back body kit there is no need to upgrade anything on the gun unless you want to buy a autococker threaded breech
Nothing compares to playing pump or with a older marker
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Great advice. I am looking at a new mask as well, but I'm trying to buy the best with what I have. For the most part, that's used. Got some good hopper ideas. Not gonna upgrade my internals. I am a fairly new player, little over a year total experience, but I'm trying to get into it. I do love the sport. And I do have a harness, forgot to list that. One final question!!! My cousin has a new Virtue matrix switch and he wants $5 for it. Is that good or should I stick with my current marker setup?
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