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New Member Introductions

New to the sport? New to the forum? Ask questions here!
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Paintball Chat

Talk about anything that is paintball but doesn't fall into any of the other forums.
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Breaking news. This is a place to read and post confirmed news in the paintball world.
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Scenario/Big Game Talk

Talk about Scenario and BIG games!
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Rec Ball/Outlaw Play

Show off your home built fields and experiences.
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Talk about anything Tournament related.
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General Misc.


For when you absolutely have to know what something is worth.
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Customizing Shop

Customs Shop. Share your custom work with others. Learn how to do custom projects.
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PBF Markers

Retired brands

These companies no longer make paintball guns.
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Air Gun Designs (AGD)

Automag, Automag RT, E-Mag
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Alien Paintball

Remains, Interceptor, Independence, Invasion, Deception
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Autocockers (All Types)

Electronic Cockers - Mechanical Cockers - ANS - WGP - KAPP - system X
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Blitz, KP, Zenith, KAOS
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Bob Long Technologies

Marq, Intimidator, and NG
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Dangerous Power

Talk about the Fusion and new Threshold
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Dye Precision & Proto

Dye Matrix, Proto matrix, Rail, SLG
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KEE Action Sports
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Impulse, Excellerator
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Indian Creek Designs

PRP,Freestyle, ProMaster, Bushmaster 2k, LCD, Defiant, Thunder Cat, Alley Cat and the Desert Fox
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Kingman Spyder

Kingman Spyder products
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Cyborg, Droid
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Other Markers

Other Markers. Examples : Action markers-Armotech-ICE- Nu-Line -plamers Powerlyte-PGI-Sheridan-Tribal
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Planet Eclipse

Ego, Geo, Etha, Etek
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Pump Markers

Post about your pump markers here.
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Smart Parts/GOG/DLX

Shocker, Ion, Luxe, Envy, eNMny, Extcy
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Tippmann Pneumatics

X-7, A-5, C-3, Model 98, Pro-Carbine
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Other Equipment

Air Systems

CO2, compressed air, etc
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Anything Else

Packs, Pants, Jerseys, headwraps,etc.
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Barrels & Paint

Barrel's & Paint Discussion
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Answering the hard questions about hoppers.
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Got a cool modification? Show us! Questing about a mask? Ask us!
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Post anything interesting that you have found on ebay. You can even post your own items for sale.
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Pumps, Electrics, and Mechanical Markers For Sale or Trade Here
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Paint feeding and loading devices.
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Air Systems For Sale

CO2, Compressed Air Systems, and other air-related equipment
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Miscellaneous Equipment

Anything paintball related that doesn't fall into the above categories, such as soft gear, barrels , or gun parts.
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Gearbag sales

For selling a large amount of things. Post it all here at once.
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Garage Sale

Anything that isn't Paintball related
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WTB Threads

"Wanted", "WTB/Want to buy" or "Show me what you got" threads should be posted in this forum.
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Buy, Sell, Trade User Feedback Rating.

Made a trade or sale with someone? Leave feedback for other users or check out someone before you buy from them. (Do not post items for sale)
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Theft Report

Report stolen items and hopefully you'll get some help.
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Vendor Member Section

Vendor Deals

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Regional Section
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Imported content


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  1. New Member Introductions
    Me and my friend decided to get into paintballing so we each bought a Tippmann Cronus. My friend ended up moving away and because I don’t have anyone else to play paintball with I decided to sell my gun. I was dry firing my gun to get out all the co2 so I could mail it.the co2 tank wasn’t quite...
  2. New Member Introductions
    Is it safe to dry fire a marker
  3. New XXL paintball jersey for sale. Has mesh that runs along the sides of the entire jersey and inside of arms, $50 delivered, Paypal only.
  4. I picked up a few paintball guns and I cannot figure out what brand or model this gun is and what its worth. Can anyone help me? Thanks!
  5. Hello, I know this equipment is 10-15 years old but if anyone could help me identify the type of guns and if they are worth anything, it would be much appreciated. The reddish one just says it's a dye but has no other markings on the stock. Best
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