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Video Game Review Thread

Okay here is the format, NO POSTS OTHER THAN REVIEWS. questions? then send a pm to the person.

Here is the format:
Console (that the game was reviewed on):
Detailed review:
Rating out of 10:
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I have to be the first to do Halo
Title: Halo
Console: Xbox
Price: $30 (new)
Rating: 10/10 (If you have xbox you HAVE TO have this game. Its a must)

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Gran Turismo 3 A-Spec
Like $20 bucks new now
This is the best racing game as of yet. It has sold 32 million copies, so you know this game has to be good.
When you start out, the game is very difficult. Especially if you've never been a racing fan or a fan of racing games, like myself. You are given a small amount of money to begin your racing career and you have to choose your first car. The game itself has hundreds of cars, but ofcoarse you are limited in the beginning by your budget. After you choose a car, you must obtain a liscence in order to drive. The liscence courses are great ways to learn everything in racing from the basics and fundamentals, to the tricks that will get you the 1/10th of a second you might need to win. The game does a great job preparing you in different situations, in different cars. You have to remember that not all cars drive the same. After you obtain your liscence, its time to race.

You learn very quickly that racing in the beginning is very tedious. You start out with a car that probably goes slower than your family car, and you dont finish first for your first couple of races. But once you make money, you learn to spend it. I think one thing that kept me addicted to the game was making more money, and trying to modify my cars as much as possible. After you start slapping on upgrades, you will notice a difference in speed, cornering, braking, etc. After you start winning more races, you will want to keep upgrading your car, and then enter different races. Soon (or maybe not as soon as you might think), you will be making enough money to start buying new cars. I admit myself, the game is rather boring in the beginning because of the work it takes just to make a little money. But once you start making more money, you really get into the game. Once you start winning series and getting free cars, the game becomes a part of your life. Then when you are ready, you move on and get a higher level liscence, and you follow this pattern throughout the game. The races are categorized under "Beginner", "Amateur", "Professional", "Rally", and "Endurance". Each one is what they are described as. As you go higher up the difficulty level, you will see that new factors are brought into the race such as tire wear. Rally racing is extremely fun, and consider you get a free car after every series win, its very profitable as well. My only complaint about Rally in GT4 is that it is very short lasting. You can finish all of the rally races in one day if you wanted to spend the time doing it.

So what makes this game so addicting and good? Well first off, its the most persise racing game ever created to this point. The game creators did a great job modeling the cars and tracks to a point where they are only off by fractions of an inch. The graphics are great, especially considering the time the game came out. The idea of making money and modifying your cars is addicting, and its common in most racing games today. All in all, the game just becomes part of your life. You become a racing fan, and you never get sick of it. This game has the highest replay value of any game i have ever played in my life. Better than Grand Theft Auto, better than super mario, or any other great game that has been released. You can put hundreds of hours into this game, and still have trouble putting the controller (or steering wheel) down.

What are some cons of this game? Well first off, a lot of people complain that there is no car damage in this game. Of coarse this isnt entirely true, because there is tire damage at higher levels, but to the car itself, no there isn't. In my opinion thats a GOOD thing, because once you start trying to simulate damage, thats when the realism of the game starts to fade. Sure it may be more "realistic" to make a car blow up going into a wall 200mph, but it is impossible to predict crashes, and it would just be stupid to have to worry about damage done to your car. Other cons about the game are maybe that it is older, there is no online support, and Gran Turismo 4 is soon coming out.

If you dont have this game, GET IT. It is amazingly good, and it will be a worthy consumption of your life. And considering how cheap they are selling it now NEW, its a must buy even with the new version coming out.

So final words, tl;dr, this game is amazing, but it and you wont be dissapointed

Rating- 9/10
Graphics and sounds are great, music is great, gameplay is amazing, replay value is great, however it is boring at first, and it may take a while for some people to get into it if they werent racing fans to begin with.
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20$ (at PX slightly more everywhere else)

Very nice game although it is worthless if you don't have Live. You get a pretty good selection of weapons each with its pros and cons. Even though it is often disputed the M4 is the best gun while silenced. With live you can interact with your teammates and risk being overheard if enimies are near. You can get up to 8 players on each team for some very intense gameplay. It has great graphics and can really give an adrenilen rush.

10 out of 10 a deffinite
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$50 or so
PC only (coming to Xbox in January, it will suck on Xbox.)

Do you like being scared? Well then Doom3 is the game for you. id Software's newest piece, Doom3, is one of the scariest games I've ever played. Combined with a good storyline, amazing graphics, and good scare tactics, this game will have you on the edge of your seat for a long time.

You start off as the FNG (****in' new guy) and are sent on a mission to an abandoned part of the Marine base on Mars. You're off to find some goofy ass scientist who went missing on duty and hasn't been seen for a while. This is basically the time in the game where you get down the controls, how to interact with the environment, and take in the breathtaking graphics. It doesn't last for long though.

Soon after, you start seeing Zombies, and they're pissed. THey start trying to kill you, and now your combat begins. The rest of the story is basically you fighting through the base and finding a portal entrace straight to hell that the workers in Delta Labs found. You fight your way thru hell and send the demons back to hell where they belong.

Where the graphics in this game are AMAZING, the gameplay itself is kind of...lacking, shall we say. The scare points start getting repetetive after a while, and since half the game takes place in darkness, you kinda have no idea what's going on. It gets tedious to check corners everywhere with your flashlight, and since ytou can't have your flashlight and gun out at the same time, that can get to be quite dangerous. I still think that once you get to Hell, the scare factor is renewed and the gameplay gets a lot better.

But just what makes this game so freaky? It can't just be all demons and things popping out randomly at you can it? No, it sure as hell can't. In fact, that isn't even the really freaky me, the freaky part was twofold: sound and shadows. Yep, that's right. The game plays tricks with your head, and it is amazing. The shadows move, and you think something is lurking around the corner, and that jsut gets you going. Next is the sounds....the producers of this game put an AMAZING emphasis on sounds in the game...everything is there for a reason. I remember at one time, a can was knocked off a shelf behind me, so I swung around, and right there standing in front of me was a zombie wielding a ****ing chainsaw. Scared me ****less.

Another example of this freakiness is apparent when you first meet the enemy "the cherub." The cherub is a baby demon from hell that has 3-clawed hands, and insect wings. It walks around asking for it's momma and has the innocent baby tone, then it TURNS IT'S ****ING HEAD UPSIDE DOWN AND LUNGES FOR YOU! All the time it's screaming for it's Momma! How ****ed up is that?!

Overall, Doom3 is a good game, but a bit lacking in the gameplay department.

I give Doom3 a 7.5/10

EDIT: Time for screenshots!

A Hellknight deep in the bowels of Hell.

A Zombie

Kinda dark, but it's me killing a Pinky.

A fatass zombie.

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Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

Playstation 2


This game is the third installment in the modern Metal Gear Solid. It has far surpassed any game on the Playstation 2 with the exception of the Grand Theft Auto series. There is much more to do in this game then the others. You must eat, cure yourself if you get injured, hell, you can even interrogate enemies on what to do. The one thing that I didn't like about most of the bosses was they went down too easy with the exception of the sniper battle. (It takes a minimum of 1 hour.) This is probably the most graphically advanced game on the PS2, it's so beautiful. I would have to say this game is a definite buy. Go get it, now!

It is a 9.5/10 Has a few screenshots of this awesome game.
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Title: Need For Speed Underground 2
Console: PS2, Xbox, Gamecube, or PC
Price: $50 New
Detailed review:
When i got this game i was excited, i got it for my Gamecube [*cough*] and started playing right away. When you start the mode, theres a career mode where you can drive around a city called Bayview [Similar to San Francisco]. You have to unlock the rest of the map, and its one hella big map. It has over 150 miles of road to drive on when its fully unlocked. The game started out very fun very fast.
You have all of the same choices in the beginning of first car as in the first NFS Underground, except the Toyota Corolla is in this one. I picked the Nissan 240SX, and man did it run! Stock, i was going down 120 mph on the freeway. Anyways, you can Upgrade your car at local body shops, performance shops, specialty shops [Neon, Interior Stereos, Window Tinting, etc.], and Graphics shops [Paint, Vinyl, Decal shops]. At the Performance shops [and your garage] you can Tune/Dyno your car. Which means you can change the suspension settings, top speed vs. acceleration, height of the car, etc.
When driving around the city on a free run, theres other cars you can race. You just drive up to them, they flash their lights, and your off to the races. this is a way to earn minor money, and reputation points. There are races on the map that you go to to win money and reputation points. the more rep. points you get, the more money you will get and you will sometimes be offered a sponsor. the sponsors give u a lot of money on the races they want you to race on. and you eventually go through the game upgrading your car, Getting MORE cars and trucks. [yes, trucks]. they weigh a rediculous amount more than a car, and acc. 0-60 in probably 30 seconds, but theyre fun to have, cause its a challenge [theres also different individual races made for SUV's.]
After a long time the game got a little boring, cause it was basically the same thing over again for a while, but i got back into it again and its still fun. [i still havent beaten it]

Rating out of 10: 9/10, great game.
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Title-Halo 2
Price-50$ new

Reveiw-Wow, I am in love with this game, you will get a wide variety of answers on how good the game is, but to tell you the truth, I think the game is one of the best sequels ever. It is the second installment of the Halo series, there is tons of new stuff in it, like a new battle suit, deterierating vehicles, able to be the covenent, new weapons, new vehicles, live capability, new maps, dual weilding,new enemies and friends, boarding enemy vehicles, trading weapons with allies, ect.

This games single player takes it one step furthur with beautiful cinimatics in-between levels, and new and improved AI (yes, even better than old halo's with your guys using enemy vehicles and weapons.) Levels you never get tired of playing. With a on the edge of your seat ending. Overall great game, a must get for any first person shooter fan/xbox owner.

The few things i didnt like in the game were, the ending, and the blockyness entering the cinimatics, and how long it lasted, other then that, this game would be a 10 in my book.

My rating-9.7

Screenshot time

And even a vid or two for ya.

Doesen't get much better then this boys. Get the game, blow your pants, you wont regret it.

Oh, and Empire for life, halo 1 is for PC also.
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Title-Star Wars Battlefront
Console System-XBOX
Price-49.99$ currently

My REview
Ok, ive played this game for about 1-2 months now. 2-players its ok. You can shoot each other, be on teams, and you can ride vehicles(ships, car looking things) . Single player-Galactic conquest is also nice in Gameplay. But choosing levels is a hella confusing. I choose one, then it says activate a power bonus. I'm kinda confused on that. Instant actions both 1 and multiplayer, Lets you choose a map and fight.
You win Special features crap on Galactic conquest. The thing that sucks the most on both 1 and 2, is that their are Jedi-Heros. Luke, Darth Vader, Count Duku, Samuel L. Jackson(forgot name.) . You'd think they would be awesome, and ARE.
you cant kill them NO WAY. The only way ive done something and havent seen him duriing a level is throwing a grenade, and blasting him off. And THATS FRECKING HARD!
Rockets don't kill the heros.

Vehicles~~~ Nice selection, and are fun to tie up those big walking things in airplanes. Some are ofcourse better than others. Land vehicles are Ok. But my favorites are flying, Bombing, chasing t-fighters, or x-wings. Some planes bomb, but slow. Some are fast, but you chase others that turn REALLY GOOD. on land what sucks is that it takes so many shots. They should have made this a TRUE STAR WARS game. where 1-2 lasers kill ou. This time it takes about 8 for you to lose alot of life, not all of it.

Overall(theres more) this game is MEH. You'd think that rave review above sounds good, huh? Well, thats JUST vehicles. I give it a 7.4/10. With such other great games for the BOX like Halo 1 and 2, Ghost Recons, and i wanna get GHTP(greg hastings...), which has some great review.

I presonally REALLY like this game, but you won't gain anything from reading my diary would you? So i gave an honest review of what you guys would think.

Links to EBGAMES- thats what i got for now. I didnt buy, or review for them, just a random site to get a pic from.

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Originally Posted by big_balla
Lmao, I remember that drama. Why does pbf suck so much now?
Originally Posted by sNoW PIrAnHa
A lot of our members were young, and went to off to college and/or got real jobs. Also the recession slows down paintball quite a bit.
Explains alot.
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pink floyd>you
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The graphics didn't impress me at all except in the cutscenes. They were bland, and everything was the same. The gameplay was the same too. Fight off wave after wave of the same enemy, with the same gun, that came in the same spot. Bored me to death. The guns suck terribly too. Now onto are really stupid. They'd all come in at the same spot and await there death. Also, the levels all looked the same just different colors. BORING! overall, I couldn't play the game for more than 10 minutes at a time. The game was not worth $50, good thing I rented it. I'd say its worth about $10. Maybe online is better but the single player is very very boring.
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Game- Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II
Console- XBOX and coming soon to PC
Price- 49.99
Rating- 9.4/10

The second in the KOTOR series, KOTOR 2 really kicks into high gear with all new force powers, battle feats, lightsaber crystals, and weapons. Even though the graphics haven't changed much from the 1st game, the game still really shines.

The story of KOTOR takes place about 100,000 years before the Movies take place. The Republic is devestated after the losses of the Jedi Civil war. Lead by Darth Revan and Lord Malak, the Republic finally takes care of the Mandalorian Wars, the Jedi Council see this as turning their backs on the council and a start to the path of the dark side. Revan and Malak have no choice but to fight against the republic, the resulting battle is the Jedi Civil War, Malak and Revan eventually turn their army into the Sith.

Now to KOTOR 2 story line, You are the last known Jedi in the galaxy, you have turned ur back on the force and let it go after witnessing the losses at Malachor 5 (Planet blew, millions died) The sith wants you dead, following you is Darth Sion, badass lookin guy who should be dead but is only held together with his hate of everything. As you fight your way through, you have one goal, stop the sith, or get your revenge (depending on what side you follow) You must fight Darth Sion and Darth Nihlus (Baddie featured on the front of the cover with the mask.

Graphics- Even though the graphics aren't top notch, that shouldn't stop you from playing through this awsome RPG.

the only bad thing about this game, is the frame rates, often pausy and confusing, it can get pretty upsetting.

Aside from the frame rates, this game is an absolutely must have. From lightsaber battles, to using the force to pursuade someone, to using force storm on a room full of sith warriors, this is one of the best games I have ever played.

Also reccomended- Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic
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Game - Golden Eye Rogue Agent
Console - Ps2, GameCube, (maybe XBox, idk)
Price - around $40 to $45
Rating - 7/10

Pretty much like all 007 games, but not as good. The graphics are pretty good. The prob. is, the levels/missions get old, very fast. The weapons are cool. The main feature is that you have a golden eye that has special abbilities. Such as a sheild, see through wall/boxes, some kind of hacking device, and the ability to throw people around w/o touching them (kinda like teleceneces (im a horrible speller). You also are a bad guy. So you might wanna check it out if your a 007 fan. Ill say it agian, IMO
the levels are hella long, and when you climb up a latter, or zip to a new building top, its the same ole thing. Youll so what i mean when you play the game.

I have so screen shots right now, but il try to get some.

BTW - Profhit, is doom 3 really hard? or do you get to pick an easy or normal mode? Also, Is it still pretty good on pc?
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Resident evil 4
10 out of 10
freikan awsome i have beaten the game and it is crazy mad cool. I know i knwo ahhh run away its a really pop out boo resident evli game. Wrong! it is anything but i would now i am one of those run and hide from scary games person. There are tons of awsome guns and tons of ammo making killing the enemies(that look like peopl but are being controoled somehow...spoiler free ) really actually fun. Awsome graphics,music, cinematics, and gameplay. GET IT IF YOU HAVE A GAMECUBE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Originally Posted by NYY
Gran Turismo 3 A-Spec

This is the best racing game as of yet. .
Want a True Man's Racing Game?
I give you Grand Prix Legends....
Racing physics that have been unsurpassed and an activecommunity who makes mods for it.
Rating: Everyone
8.7 out of 10
Highs: Insane physics , Active Community, nice tracks, old cars
Lows: Insane physics, outdate graphics a bit
Bottom Line: If you are hardcore, you have to try this game...
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look LOOK ! ha you looked
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title: Rome total war
price: $50
platform: PC
the first thing you will notice about this game is the beautiful graphics. When maxed out it can have up to 10,000 soldies on the battlefield each with a uniqe face and stride. if your computer can take it that is. every single location has its own battle field, and banners flap realisticly in the wind.

on to gameplay. in the campaign mode you manage settelmets mass armies and move said armies across the map of europe and north africa. however the campaign map and its many joys pale in comparison to the tactical aspect. you control an army in you massive attck, desperate defence,or even a seige. depending on the unit scale you have set and the number of units a battle could even last over an hour.

every unit has its own strengths and weeknesses spearmen kill cavelry but cavalry dominate light infantry. phalanxes are almost invincible but once sent into battle there is no way to turn them. elephants are masters of the battlefield werever they go but flaming wepons will send them into a rage and your troops will fall before them as well.

all in all if you like RTS buy it. if you dont buy it anyway its great. the barbarian invasions expansion is on the way and you cant afford to miss it.

Originally Posted by Spudchucker
i tried getting her in the mood with some pron, and she got a lump in her pants
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If Abercrombie decided that breathing wasnt "cool" over half the teenage population would be dead in under 24 hours. If u agree put this in ur sig.

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Title: GTA: San Andreas
Price:meh dont know
Rating: 9/10
Aditional info: Adult content (lol anyone over 14 is fine to play this atleast(im 15))
Review version:v1(may not be too good, I suck at writing anything lol)

Ok the story starts out at the vice city airport when you find out your mom was killed and you go home for the funeral, then when you get to san andreas you get pulled over by officer poltaski and he takes all your stuff and money and drops you off in ballas teritory, from there you do a few simple missions to help you learn the controles. I wont say more about the storyline so i dont spoil it but its worth playing the missions for.

The game from there gets you to do anything from small tasks like kill the drug dealer, learn to fly, do DDR (dance dance revolution) style dancing to stealth missions and chase and distroy car missions. Some are easy, most are chalenging requirering you to try it a few times before you get it, and there are a few that will chalenge and frustrate you for weeks on end (the first one that did that was when CJ had to chase down on a motorcycle this guy who bullied OG LOC in jail (wanabe gangster rapper)).most missions you must do in order but there are a few like taxi and pimping that you can do from the start.

The great thing about GTA:SA is that it is a non-linear game where there is a whole world (city) to explore and not all the missions have to be done in sequence but eventualy you'll have to do them all for the storyline. you could waste alot of time just driving around in a cool car, bike, fly around and looking for all the hidden weapon/car spawns and looking for hidden missions to do. In san andreas there are 3 main citys to explore, los santos where you start out and looks like any major city, san fierro which is like san fransisco and the second city you unlock, and las vanturas which is like, you guessed it, las vegus where there are casinos and is the third and final city that you can unlock.

The storyline is actualy very good for a game where you jack cars and kill pepole, there are lots of comic relife and some surprising plot twists, I wont go into detail, BUY THE GAME (or download if you are poor )

Sounds and graphics are good considering this is a port from PS2 but not up to par to the better FPS games (DOOM3, HL2) 7/10

Right now im the las vanturas woozie missions and im stuck on freefall , im pretty sure im almost done the game therefore entitled to write a review.

I have not played the other GTA games in detail so i cant compare them but alone this is an awsome indepth game. 9/10 a must buy.
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Erect member.
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God of War
Console: Playstation 2
Cost: $20 now
Genre: Platforming?
Good the first time around, this game has little replayability. Now that that's out of the way, this game is pretty sweet. You start out (and end the game) as Kratos, a mysterious Spartan warrior with these awesome chain/blade weapons attached onto your arms. As you progress through the game, you can upgrade said "Chaos Blades" or other magic powers. My personal favorite is Artemis' Blade (huge, glowing sword). The game play is pretty much freeform, but follows a pretty straight path...which can go forward, back, left, right, up, down or a combination. The enemies aren't too hard, once you find the way to kill them. Graphics are OK, cutscense are great. The biggest problem I have found with it is lack of playing time and no bosses. There is a couple, but not enough, and only 2 really good ones (the minotaur and Ares). If you want to play this a second time through, the unlockable costumes are a must...if you can get to them.

Pros: great gameplay, pretty good graphics, awesome storyline (with a literal cliffhanger), great game in general.

Cons: Way too short, bosses are few and far between.

If you are looking for a solid game for a couple hours, pick this up now. 8/10
or we could all go on one hell of a camping trip
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Perfect Dark

Nintendo 64 (dont hate on the clsics man)

$5 (proly find it like a hock and save or used game store)

This game is one of the best games i have played on n64 or any consol at that. It has 9 missions and about 3 bonus missions, u can play these missions on 3 different difficulties and every difficulty has different tasks u will need to do. The multi-player mode is one of the best i have ever seen. Not only can you play vs other players you can also play against simulants or humans and simulants. With over 40 weapons to use this game has great variety. The multi-player mode also has over 20 levels to choose from and there are challenges against simulants and as you complet them you get more weapons and levels for multi-player. There is also many multi-player games to choose from (capture the flag, king of the hill, death match, one shot kills, ect) When you make ur multi-player character you can costomize there look with over 50 bodies and heads. And your characters stats are saved as you do multi-player battles and you get ranked. There is a co-op mode where you and a buddie can do the whole game as a team. There is also a anti-co-op mode where one player is trying to do the mission and the 2nd player is like one of the guards trying to stop you from completing the mission for all of the levels. Along with all that there are many mini-games that unlock special cheats so u can have a little fun after u beat the game. These mini games include a shooting range where u can try to get the bronze, silver, and gold medals for every weapon in the game. This is a great game.


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Monster Hunter

Playstation 2

about $25-$30 now

You start out as a naked (as in no armor) warrior with a little hunting knife looking to become the greatest monster hunter that ever lived. You will find a little man that will give you missions. Missions range from 1 star to 5 star (6 for special and online) and will get harder as you unlock new star levels. The first 5 missions are you just searching through the woods gathering meat, herbs, and fish, learning the basics. After this you start to get into hunting missions. You start off killing blue raptor things that start popping up everywhere. Then as you get to 3 star missions you get to kill your first wyvern and alpha monsters. Once you get to the 5 star missions you start taking on giant wyverns that are extremely difficult to do alone offline. Well, what do you do with these monters you kill? Instead of building your character with skills and attributes, you create different kinds of armor and weapons from what you carve off your kill and the ores you find from mining. There are 5 classes of weapons, the sword and shield (can be upgraded to daul swords), great sword (Giant 2h sword, probably the favorite of most), lance (With much practice you can kill anything with ease with these), hammer (Only usefull for dealing huge damage and works well if you are good at dodging attacks), and bowgun (sort of a crossbow that shoots shotgun shells). You start with a basic weapon from each class, either made from iron or bone. The way you attack is swinging the right analog stick in different directions and you can create some crazy combos that will bring down those monsters with ease (well, some of them) From there you build your weapons and ugrade them along different lines to make them completely different from what they started from. The same goes for armor if you get far enough in the game to upgrade it. There are hundreds of different weapons and armor to make. The gameplay is fun and addicting, the sound is very nice (down to the footsteps), the graphics are amazing, and what makes it complete is the online play. You can unlock tons of new missions, monsters, weapons, and armor. The replay value is great. This is a great game if you want to play for a while or over 100 hours to complete the game. You can have over 500 or 1000's of hours playing online getting the best armor and weapons and slaying the most horrible monsters imaginable.

10 out of 10, Try this out. This game was very overlooked, and if you are a fan of these kind of games you will be greatly impressed. (IT IS EVEN OUT NOW FOR PSP)

The Game Cover (Not American obviously, but thats what it looks like)

Look for this coming soon! (this fall)

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Dude if Perfect Dark was somehow playable online I'd play that more than any first person shooter. No lie.
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Originally Posted by TonyD
Dude if Perfect Dark was somehow playable online I'd play that more than any first person shooter. No lie.
Sorry for the off topic, but it is, with an emulator.
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Emulators just aren't the same, though. I want to play it on my 64.

On a side note, nintendo originally did have plans of making online play with the 64 possible. They also had plans of doing something with CD's. Neither worked out.
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Aidyn Chronicles

Nintendo 64

$2 at select stores

(play this if you are high)

This game is action packed and is so awsome...
just played it like a month ago and beat it in 10 minutes

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Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter
Xbox 360 (does matter alot, Xbox version different)
G.R.A.W. is about a team of future warriors who need to help the president of Mexico. The story takes place in the future so we don't really have the same guns as we do now days but we do have some. This game has a pretty good storyline. The multiplayer in G.R.A.W. is pretty good. You can choose between doing coop missions with a buddy who is new or you can go against people in a 16 player system link or Xbox Live or you can have a local 4 people match on the Same 360. Not the best Ghost Recon game in my opionion but pretty good.
Rating: 8.0 out of 10
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Jade Empire: Special Edition

If you like a god (i mean good) RPG, you have to pick this up right now. I consider this the single best Role Playing Game on x-box right now. It has the depth of morrowind and the pure fun of Fable. Morrowind, although very in depth, was a game that was very in depth...perhaps too much. It would take literally an hour or two just to get from one end of the map to the other. Although nice in some respects, it got annoying and old very fast. Not so with Jade Empire. going from point A to point B is not only easy, it is fun as well. Once you get into the story a bit, you can use a dragonfly (no joking, it is a giant dragonfly glider with an engine (which means it's not a glider...)) to warp from point A to B to C to whereever else you want to go. Once you land, it is easy to see where you need to go thanks to the handy and useful journal unlike Morrowind. Taking a page out of Fable's book, it sports the "morality" indicator, only it is (in my opinion) far more useful and requires more of a commitment to use. For instance, you have two choices (Open Palm {good} and Closed Fist{evil}). Each has it's advantages and disadvantages, and you have to choose very early on which side you are going to take. Unlike Fable, the slider does not move easily from good to bad, but takes a serious commitment slide. No matter which side you choose, though, you have to be smart about it. You can't just be "good" or "bad", there has to be a reason behind your actions and choices. You get weapons, which aren't used as much as you would think. This isn't a bad thing, though, because you get different "fighting styles" depending on how and who you fight. You can upgrade pretty much every aspect of you and your fighting, and get multiple party members who can help you during battle (one at a time). The game poses a serious challenge, but doesn't make you want to quit.

Get it now, price has dropped to $20 for this awesome, underrated, and did I say awesome? game.


p.s. Don't believe me? check out, Jade Empire is its highest rated X-box game . (9.9/10)

Edit: if you liked this game, try out Knights of the Old Republic II.same style, star-wars storyline
or we could all go on one hell of a camping trip

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