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Ronin Gear Harnesses

I'm not sure if this the right section, but it has to do with stock class.

Is the Ronin Gear Elite Stock Harness better than the Ronin Gear Stock Harness. In the discription that Ronin gives they say its better, but I have been watching videos of stock class games and everyone seems to have the Ronin Gear Stock Harness.
Is this because the videos are older than the Elite Stock Harness.

Or is it because people prefer the Stock Harness over the Elite Stock Harness.
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If you are playing long games and want to carry a ton of paint and air get the elite. If you are playing rec ball games, just get a shotgun shell belt at your local sporting goods store for 5-10 bucks. The normal ronnin gear harness is horrible if you ever crawl on the ground, because tubes fall out.
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I do play some pretty long woods games with my friends, but we are going to start a team, so we will be going to some stock class tourneys. Would the Elite Stock Harness be good for tourneys, as long as I dont fill it up all the way. Or Should I just get a shotgun shell belt. I can get the Elite Harnes for $14 so its not that big of a price difference, and if the Elite Harness is better for long games I'll probably get it. But I still want to know if its good for Stock Class Tourneys.

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Just Purchased

I just bought the Ronin pack you're talking about. The difference is the placement of tubes. The 'elite' (what I just picked up) has all the tubes in a fanny-style pack that hangs down in the rear from a velcro belt. It'll hold 40 tubes/12-grams plus a straight-shot squeegee and a battle swab. As 400 rounds of paint doesn't weight all that much, the pack is pretty light. I'm a small guy and I rarely ever fill it up. I'll put in, say, 20 tubes and a few 12-grams. I use the squeegee slots and they seem to work nice, though the straight shot likes to get hung up sometimes. Put it in swab-end first (backwards) to solve the problem. That'll also keep your cloth dry if it's wet/muddy.

The velcro belt is nice and wide and it doesn't shift at all when running/sliding. My girlfriend tells me it's pretty comfortable for females as well, for what that's worth. I find that the loops on the left side are a bit hard to reach and generally just load up the right side with tubes. 200 rounds is usually enough for almost any game you're going to play, you know? The elite harness keeps all your ammo on your back out of the way and you can slide headfirst without dumping all your paint like you would with a bandolier-style harness. Shotgun shell belts are great, but they won't hold a squeegee and the tubes are stored vertically, so you're less flexible in the lower back. With the tubes horizontally, you can sit, kneel, lean, etc, without the tubes hanging up on your jersey or anything.

I have to admit that it being very cold right now, I have not played with the harness on. It seems comfortable and I've taken a jog or two around the yard with it fully loaded and I didn't see any major problems. Wearing it all day, we'll get a more accurate assessment. I got it off eBay for $15 from (the filter eats the supplier's name, so I'll let it go) I'm not crazy about them (supply company), but it was relatively cheap and I needed a harness anyhow, so... WAY better than any bandolier harness I've ever used. (not to mention that being small, the bandolier harness sags too much and jiggles around uncomfortably.) Plus, now my back will be free to carry a camelbak on those scenario hikes...

Another recommended item for any stock class player: I also use a 5-loop 12-gram wrist holder on my left hand for quick co2 changes. That works great with my VSC. Hold the pistol grip in the right hand and twist off the housing. Dump the old co2 and hold the housing between your left hand and the gun. Grab the 12-gram with your right hand, drop it in and screw it on. The wrist holders cut down co2 change time by almost half because you don't need to fumble trying to unscrew the housing with your left hand while also holding the replacement cartridge. I have a second one for my right arm, but I don't use it. I almost never need more than 6 12-grams (that's 180 shots, after all...) for a game and I'll carry a few spares on the left side of the harness just in case.

The advantages of playing pump are light weight and no bulky gear to get hung up in bushes and trees. I'd say the elite harness fits that model pretty well, though not perfectly. It's certainly easier to use a hopper and carry two belt 100-rd tubes and no pack at all, but then... That's not stock class. If you gotta play stock class and you don't want to use a shell belt, pick one of thse suckers up. It's worth $15, but I wouldn't pay the $35 list price for it. Let me know if you guys think differently.

Edit: (addition) After reading your post again, it looks like this harness is exactly what you're after. And yes, the elite is relatively new. The bandolier-style has been used for years and years and it's the main reason most stock players use the shell belts: they suck. This harness is a great alternative if you want to be able to carry more paint in a more accessible position that allows more movement. It's a little bit heavier, but that's because you're carrying more paint. Again, deffinitely worth $15.

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heard the elite spanks you when you move...which is good i guess if you in to that kinda rinotech one looks pretty nice...or the wrist holder for short games..
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Hey "pumpplayer" iv seen people using the wrist holder, but who makes them and where can u get them. (on the internet that is)
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i think its ok cuz i cant find them on xpaintball.......but********.com....and are same thing diff brand..
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NVm i found them, there made by ronin , 4$ us,
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I always used an elite or shoulder. I liked the elite for when I played stock class tourneys. If you use the shoulder strap style its like wearing a big metal vest. They are pretty much made to have paint breaks. if you want to get out for every hit then go for it. the phanny version just makes it so that you have a slight chance of a bounce. If you are serious about it its much better.

Btw guys I have a elite pack and a pile of 12 grams and something like 40 10 round tubes if any buddy wants them. pm me for pics info that stuff..thanks.
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