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New Member Introductions

  1. I love paintball, here to recruit for my paintball arena
  2. Anyone own a Metadizzle Havoc Launcher?
  3. 10yrs Im back!
  4. New Join
  5. Hello and Paintball marker identification
  6. Back at it
  7. Is Paintball Safe For Kids?
  8. Hi Everybody
  9. Bushmaster H2K operational advice
  10. Lurker 1 piece barrel limited run
  11. A box full ofkisses
  12. I'm new to the forum and paintball. (Mostly)
  13. Upping the dye dam velocity please help
  14. Barrel help
  15. GoG Enmey Upgrades
  16. I need a full setup for a new player under $200
  17. what E grip is this
  18. Experienced advice needed
  19. Marker Advice Needed
  20. new to paintball just acquired 4 paintball markers
  21. Is paintball dead? - new player film
  22. Buying a New Mask
  23. Tiberius 9.1 air system question
  24. JT excellarator 6.0
  25. Questions about remote lines, HPA, and other things.
  26. The ultimate tool bag guide!
  27. barrel sugestions
  28. Is paint safe?
  29. Spyder Fenix ACS
  30. hey guys I made a paintball video! Saturdays are for Harambe: Paintball @ Skirmish USA 2016
  31. Oxygen Tank for an air powered hunting rifle
  32. TiPX questions for Trbo/Miller/Anyone else still around!
  33. great cyber monday deal for milsim players
  34. Grape shooter?
  35. advise on buying a barrel for Spyder marker
  36. Dry ice in a tank?
  37. New Tiberius 8.1 Barrel Leak
  38. New player, new gun
  39. Velocity Adjustment Screw for Etek 5
  40. New here ???
  41. Need A Users Manual......but Cant Find It
  42. Hey, Not new to paintballing, just new to Forum
  43. Reinjuring Preseason Game Oakland Raiders
  44. First year list?
  45. Trbo and miller!
  46. paintballing bears?
  47. Oldtimer and late starter
  48. Trbo where u at
  49. Hacked By L33Tsqu4d
  50. How to not overshoot?
  51. New to Paintball, lots of questions!
  52. Best Base for Mil spec Build Woods/scenario Play ?
  53. New to the entire game
  54. C02 out the barrel
  55. Planet Eclipse Etha brief hissing problem.
  56. Returning new player needs help!
  57. Drone 2 issue
  58. suggestion/advice
  59. New Gun recommendations
  60. Is stretching hard plastic shroud bad?
  61. Magfed paintball
  62. Brass eagle avenger
  63. Bt 4 combat slice or JT Tac 5 recon?
  64. What gun is this?
  65. Beginners guide to paintball.
  66. what gun is this?
  67. Whats the difference between the Jt tactical and the tippmann Alpha Black?
  68. Please Help O ring problem
  69. Difference in Phenom Selector Switch?
  70. Good deal? or not?
  71. Tipman custome part id
  72. What's the value between the D-II and Kaos?
  73. Question about A-5
  74. zen 3000 psi cilinder...need help!!
  75. suggestions for a plan for this game
  76. Here's an interesting way to play a new type of game.
  77. How do i fix my diablo wrath
  78. Response Trigger
  79. Sheridan PGP P Series 68 Caliber
  80. Reasonably Priced Your city Movers and Packers
  81. Discover the Taping Strategy to Seal your Belongings
  82. Solutions to Beat Relocation Worry
  83. Need help
  84. 98 Custom Pro ACT
  85. (Can't delete last one. Please disregard it)
  86. Help on used gun
  87. Piranha gti enforce double shooting on semi
  88. bought a spyder victor for cheap want to make a decent gun missing parts
  89. New Bush bar
  90. How to post pictures.
  91. New to the forum, but not the sport :)
  92. New to the forums so heres my introduction and some questions
  93. x7 phenom build from scratch with 3rd party parts Help
  94. New player! Help!?
  95. Diy makeshift butt plate (Help)
  96. Dye or Planet Eclipse? Or neither?
  97. Dusting off the old toys, quick vids...
  98. Advise on buying gear!
  99. Brothers Paintballing at Xtreme Kombat NC Fort Field
  100. New guy!
  101. help on gear and general knowledge
  102. Houston
  103. Gear
  104. Top Paintball Fails 2014
  105. I'm new!
  106. Hello from NWI
  107. The size of arena
  108. Craziest Paintball Sniper shot EVER caught on film...
  109. Is DM14 a good Choice
  110. complete breakable marker
  111. Perfect way to film
  112. Gun questions
  113. The Redemption (Video)
  114. X7 build suggestions
  115. Honorcore tgr2 mk2
  116. Does anyone have an "in" with someone at BLAST
  117. Gear
  118. Can I wear a Pro Jersey?
  119. Happy New Year Video from Trails of Doom! Pistol Pete, Necro, TOD! NEW Video!
  120. low pressure spyder issues
  121. marker suggestions
  122. who has the best wife ever? This guy <<<
  123. 98c v A5
  124. Pistol Pete VS Trails of Doom and NecroSAS at Nuketown!
  125. Geo 3.5 full day play...
  126. New to the Field
  127. Exculsion
  128. Looking to get into the sport, need some advice on a kit!
  129. New guy here looking for a gun
  130. Help!
  131. Attn: Max07
  132. Merry Christmas to me
  133. Some what new but new to forums
  134. Please tell me what type of gun this is and the value for these items
  135. Smart parts ion with 7th element board?
  136. X7 Phenom with Tacamo mag fed conversion and box mag
  137. Goblin Deuce
  138. Looking for opinions on markers
  139. New paintball player help
  140. Phantom
  141. Getting Smoke Smell From Paintball Guns?
  142. Game type idea
  143. My new toy
  144. Pump Kit
  145. Etek 5
  146. Celebrity Paintball Tournament
  147. Paintball business needs help
  148. Jj barrels
  149. What gun is this
  150. Pb
  151. Axe upgraded or Etek 4 out of box?
  152. Blackatch Paintball Team looking
  153. Article
  154. Upgrade
  155. In need of help, Thanks "KAPP and MINI"
  156. T-15
  157. Spyder AMG help!
  158. Marker
  159. 98 Mag-Fed adapter for the Tippmann 98, and 12 round TruFeeds 13 rounds!!!
  160. Weird gun
  161. Autococker value
  162. Re-thinking red-dot sights.
  163. Help me Identify my gun please!!!
  164. Help with Tiberius Arms t9.1 Air System?
  165. "Now it's Personal!" Paintball for the first time with my Brother!
  166. Apex 2 w lapco bigshot vs ifit system
  167. Drone
  168. New Gun?
  169. The Dye DM15's are out. I didn't get one.
  170. New BST website idea - Feedback Welcomed!
  171. Gear
  172. Paintball Bruises
  173. My Tipx, with Zetamag 2nd gen, and Apex tape modded on A-5 barrel
  174. Always shoot a safe velocity. Always check your mask.
  175. Windsor Spitfire Ben
  176. Getting Back into It
  177. finally got to shoot an etha
  178. Paintball Sniper Factory Realtree Tippmann A-5, MonsterSpin, ZoomCam
  179. Free Paintball Field
  180. 3 hours? You have got to be kidding me
  181. price this
  182. I have a big problem!
  183. Invert Mini won't even dry fire
  184. Can your pod swab clean very corner of your pods
  185. aura
  186. o, how paintball has changed
  187. $400 for a full setup. What to buy?
  188. Awesome Paintball Vidz!!!
  189. The Combat Drone
  190. Some guys take a lot of paint on the field. I took a wagon of pods.
  191. Where to find this specific Paintball?
  192. I can now take neat video like gmroe. I totally forgot about my contour roam.
  193. How to modify .50 to .55
  194. Toms tech tips, tech tip #4 - How to Test Paintballs and Adjust Breakage
  195. Toms tech tips, tech tip #5 - Statistics Without Math
  196. Toms tech tips, tech tip #2 Bore sizing
  197. Toms tech tips, tech tip #1 - barrel efficiency
  198. Toms tech tips, tech tip #3- spinning paintballs
  199. Filling an air tank with a air compressor
  200. Guess my price v4, the dye fanboy
  201. Problem
  202. New Marker, first own
  203. Title
  204. Help
  205. Alpha black
  206. Paintball machine gun
  207. Defy
  208. what color of pods do you prefer?
  209. double ball
  210. manufacturer online paintball store
  211. Motorcycle show returns
  212. HELP! Broke Gun.Need opinions
  213. Please help me with Spyder EM1 repair
  214. OMG big ouch!!!
  215. Hey guys! New player eager to learn!
  216. 32 degrees rebel
  217. Help Finding Mechanical Marker under 150
  218. I just bought a spyder victor and I broke it already?
  219. New player
  220. Need helping choosing a new gun! Sub 350 dollars
  221. O-rings
  222. Digital Vs. Woods Camo
  223. Friendly fire
  224. Adam's apple
  225. paintball repairs, whats your price?
  226. New player
  227. Just ordered a New gun. Please provide thoughts.
  228. HPA Help
  229. New to it all!
  230. Beginner Help!
  231. Polyurethane o-rings?
  232. Hello all, and question about PaintBall and Chronos
  233. Who thinks they have the cheapest Tourney ready setup?!
  234. My last post in New Player
  235. Finally got to use my new VIS engine tonight
  236. Piranha gti plus help!!!
  237. best Camera under 2
  238. Milsig M17 CQC Info
  239. I'm suffering the consequences of having a rip-clip.
  240. Pump Paintball?
  241. Im Lost, 4 gun choices? pics included
  242. help gun make? value? pic attached
  243. help!
  244. Empire Mini SE/Invert?
  245. Questions about 98 Custom
  246. Gun Make? I cant figure it out
  247. What marker should I get??
  248. Best Marker that runs on CO2
  249. Beginner Loadout
  250. They're talking about us on pbnation.