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  1. Paintball Chat
    Would someone help me please? I’m trying to identify the two types of autocockers my cousin has had in storage. 1. 2. Thanks I’m advance for your help! -J
  2. Autocockers (All Types)
    I own an AIM 18 crow body autococker with both electronic and mechanical frames. All matching numbers and matching high gloss red anno. Mint condition also just rebuilt all internals and new planet eclipse E2 solenoid. • Autococker Threaded • FreeFlow pneumatics • FreeFlow internals • CP V2...
  3. My A-5

    I just put together my first Tippmann with an MK48 SAW shroud and M4 14" Barrel from OPSGEAR. I really like the final product, looks a lot like a shotgun. I'm thinking about getting a X7 "low profile" hopper to make it look even better but I'm not sure if It would really make a differ
1-6 of 6 Results