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  1. Markers
    FOR SALE: TWO (2) Tippmann 98 Custom Guns + Gear -Five (5) Barrels -Three (3) Viewloader Paintball Loaders -Two (2) Extra Plastic Cartridges -One (1) Carrying Case -One (1) Mask -Five (5) Pairs of Gloves -One (1) Equipment Duffle Bag (color: camo)
    $200 USD
  2. Tippmann Pneumatics
    I just got a Tippman 98 equipped with an E-trigger off of eBay. It's one of the newer ones that has a front and back receiver. When I turn the trigger on it just slowly flashes green, and seems to be in power full-auto mode since it acts as a semi automatic unless I pull the trigger real fast...
  3. Paintball Chat
    Hello, At the field today, and my paintball marker maxed out at about 220 fps for paintballs somewhat inconsistently. I backed out the screw, as the field instructed, to the point where it almost came out, and the speed did not improve. Does anybody know what else I can do to address the issue...
  4. Customizing Shop
    I used a Tippmann 98 custom and using reference photos and the manual for a Thompson submachine gun to make this. Weighs like 15 pounds but I wouldn’t change a thing.
1-4 of 4 Results