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Smart Parts Vision Shocker SFT (black)
- Smart Parts Nerve Board
- Smart Parts Freak Barrel (pewter) NEW! - 14in. All American Front (pewter) NEW! - .689in. Stainless Steel Insert
- Smart Parts Standard Trigger Frame (black)
- Smart Parts Flex ACE Cover (blue)
- Smart Parts Delrin Bolt Sleeve (white)
- New Designz V3 Stinger Bolt Kit (blue)
- New Designz Adjustable Floating Bolt Guide (blue)
- New Designz 15º Vertical Adapter With Gauge Port (black) - Dye 300psi. Mini Gauge NEW!
- Custom Products Shorty Regulator (black/blue/dust black) - 90º Swivel Macroline Fitting
- Custom Products Pro Rail (black) [[[May Include]]]
- Custom Products 2005 Dovetail On/Off Air Source Adapter (black) - 90º Swivel Macroline Fitting [[[May Include]]]
- Critical Impact Trigger (black) NEW! - Critical Pro-Pin NEW!
- CCM No-Pro Clamping Feedneck (black/blue) NEW!
- Kila SIX Ball Detents (black) NEW!
- Dye Standard Sticky 3 Grips (blue)
- Parker K4H03 Solenoid - Evolve Ported Stainless Steel Manifold NEW!
- Parker Parflex Macroline (black) NEW!
- Extras: Wire Harness, Whatever O-Rings (Vertical Adapter, Manifold, Bolt Guide) Two Dremmeled Spare Ball Detents (New Designz & Stock, both short), etc.

I am not the original owner. Bought it used not long ago. Hasn't gotten much use in my hands. A lot of the parts are new or in like new condition bought by me. I completely cleaned and relubed the entire marker with Slickoleum/MUGGs lubricant. Shoots nicely. Last I checked, 3 full Halos per 1,500psi. (about 1,500 shots per 68/45 fill, good for Shockers) and it can be tuned better. Body has scratches from the past owner. Small knick to the side of the Non-Vision side detent because I couldn't get the old detents off and I accidentally slipped with my dremmel. Also, one of the screws that holds the solenoid to the manifold snapped. Threading is still in the manifold but can most likely be unscrewed with pliers. Manifold should not be stripped. Still shoots with no leaks, but once we make a deal, I will order the needed screw and have it sent to you if you want. Please pay attention to the colors.

Pictures: These pics were recently taken.


$600.00 Shipped & Firm!

What I Want: Black/Blue Themes Preferred?
- I WANT YOUR VIKING!!! Stock/little ups add, we'll see about anything else.
- Will consider Cyborgs, Egos, anything sick. Not really looking to downgrade, but offer up if you like.

I can add for the right deal.

What I Don't Want:
- Just offer up, I'll let you know.

Payment Methods:
PayPal (preferred)
Money Order

By posting here or contacting me, you agree to ship first!
We keep bottomline setups! Not definite.
Once payment has been received, package will be shipped!
Not willing to part unless I am given an amazing offer!
No flaming! If you have a problem, PM me!
Free ups accepted. :tup:

Contact Info:
AIM - xPiZZeRx
Email - [email protected]
PBF - Throw me a PM!
Reply here first before contacting me else where!

Member Info:
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SPPF Feedback - Contact Me!

Thanks for checking out my thread.

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How about a Nerve and some Cash?
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