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  • 2k1 Black Angel LCD
  • 12" Old Style Ultralite
  • Chrome Low Rise
  • Black Hi Rise
  • Shocktech Drop
  • Unknown Volumizer
This is not my gun, I'm selling it for a friend.

The body of the gun is in good shape, with only normal wear from play. The problem is with the board, its fried. A new board can be bought for about $100.


Price: $300 + Shipping, Or best offer

Trades: Offer any non low-end gun (spyders, tippmanns, etc)

Payment Methods:
Money Orders
Personal Checks (must clear before shippment)

Email: [email protected]
AIM: aggtothemax (please post here before IM'ing me)


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u could put a dm4 board in it.... this way, u get an excuse to get a cheater board..... u dont ahve any board at all thumup:

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dhill0413 said:
how much do these boards run? i want any board that gets me above 15bps and is inexpensive. if i can be shown where to get one of these boards, paintwizard ill buy this in a
I believe the predator mod runs 300. It's at or you could look into the demon mod from warped sports. Both great mods. I think they both run 300, not sure tho. The Predator mod gives you the predator board and eyes, and tag uses eclipse eblade covers for the eyes, or you could get the demon mod which comes with dm4 board and eyes covered by epoxy. Both are great.

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