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LNIB 2005 Olive/Black Racegun Halfblock F/S/T

Ok, what I have here for sale / trade is a 2005 Racegun Halfblock autococker. The color is a rare Olive -> Black dust fade, and is very nice looking IMO. The gun is LNIB, I could even label it as BNIB, I just got it from Diveanx (the SEast rep for Race) a few weeks ago. Probably the fastest autococker on the market, this thing rips... fires completely at 25BPS, and that's only how far I've pushed it. We've seen 30bps on a Q-Loader (look at video section).

Tournament LEGAL...
The gun has the latest firmware, 4.0.0, which includes the new tourny legal PSP/NXL/Millenium fire modes as well as the normal Classic, Semi, etc. modes. Modes can also NOT be changed on the field, unless you have a PC/Palm with you... therefore, another deterrent to cheating.

Retail Prices...
Retail price on this gun is a whopping $1395, that's not even including the matching barrel kit that I have! The barrel kit is another $140, making this setup over $1500+! You ask, a cocker for THAT much? Yeah... its just THAT good.

As for trades, its simple... I won't add, thats why I'm not asking for a Nexus EGO. I'll be trading for guns + cash, or straight up, depending on your marker and its value.

1. I don't ship first, over 80+ feedback on PBN, 69+ on Ebay. I can verify all these if needed... I don't think I will need to though.
2. I don't trade with PBN'ers who are < 18, unless parent consent is verified. Dealing with teenagers in the past has often come to immaturity on their parts and given me too much hassle.
3. I don't deal with immaturity, if you can't conduct a business deal, leave and come back with a better attitude.
4. I don't do 3rd party, no matter what.
5. Don't post guns on my DONT OFFER list.
If you don't agree to any of this, don't waste your time, I won't deal with you no matter what...

Trades go like this...
You ship me your gun, I verify it works, everything is there, and you've kept up to your end. I then ship my gun to you, everyone is happy, we do feedback, and part our ways.

Enough for that... on to the sale...

+ '05 Raceframe
+ Tournament Ready
+ Extremely light
+ MacDev Gladiator™ Inline Regulator
+ Chipley CCM™ Ram
+ Palmers Micro-Rock™ LPR.
+ Adjustable Feed Tube
+ Delrin Bolt
+ Aluminum Pump Arm & IVG
+ Break Beam Eyes
+ Dual Ball Detents
Includes wall charger, manual, and PC serial cable

+ $1050 shipped, gun & accessories only...
+ $1100 shipped, gun & accessories & matching race barrel kit

Post how much you're adding
I'm open to all trades except those in my DON'T WANT list. The worst I can say is "No thanks."

Trades... (subject to change)
You will add if determined... I know how much your gun is worth
All guns must be tournament legal, and include some type of ramping board

+ Ego's [straight up]
+ Proto's [w/ board, ups, you add]
+ DM4's [w/ board, ups, you add]
+ DM5's [straight up]
+ Entertain me... I really need some one to convince me to try a timmy >.>
+ More... blah blah... blah...

Don't Post... (subject to change)
+ Matrices (DM3s, or any PL matrix - I don't care how good it is)
+ AKA xxx
+ Other Cockers (karni's included)
+ Freestyles
+ Pimps
+ Ions (unless a good 2-for-1)
+ Imps
+ Tippmann, spyder, any other JUNK

My videos...
1. Ramping @ 20bps, Training mode
Right click, save as...

2. Semi, Training mode
Right click, save as...

Please note these videos below are NOT mine, but are the EXACT same if not older model Race Halfblocks. - right click, save as...
1. Race Halfie (2k4), QLoader, Reballs (30bps)

2. Mazzeru's Race Halfie (2k4), Halo B, Full Auto (20bps)

3. Mazzeru's Race Halfie (2k4), Halo B, Classic Mode

Amazed yet? Don't worry, the photos are below.

My gun is featured on on their forums. It was just uploaded yesterday. Check it out, click here (my username on Air-Powered is 'draxxus-fan'.)

Only a few pics are shown, to see the full list of my pics, look at the link above and look here...

Thanks for looking!!

Referrals...... and also a word from Diveanx @
Diveanx said:
Awesome seller. I am the Rep for Racegun and I worked a deal for a marker for my friend and the deal went flawlessly.

Got the marker fast, Good communication and easy to deal with.

I personally recommend this guy if he has a something to sell or trade.
kruger said:
Traded a DM3 for a Free Flow Lotus E1. Great trader, Great Comms., and a good guy. Def. on my Good Trader list! No problems, no worries, no BS! Look forward to doing business again.
GunsNRoses said:
sjreg1 said:
Delivered what I bought from him quickly and packaged well. Honest and trustworthy.
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