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Well, I am thinking about buying another gun and wanted to test my luck selling my timmy here.

2k2 Intimdator
-Frenzy 110
-CP Reg
-Dragon Trigger
-Adjustable Ram Cap
-Clamping mid-rise
-Dye Sticky3 Grips
-Evil Driver Barrel

I also have a Full Freak Kit with 14" AA tip and 8 inserts.


Gun - 575
Freak Kit - 100
Both - 650

All prices are obo.

I take Paypal, but you have to pay the 3% fees. I don't ship first.

I'll trade for DM4's, Proto's, anything that catches my eye, but cash is king.

Feedback is in my sig, click my banner.

Thanks for looking.

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Hey folks this gun used to belong to me and it was serviced by a Timmy Tech before I shipped it to Mike. This gun flat out shoots darts!

Buy it!

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didtn you JUST get this gun..........but i saw the dm4 ur gonna buy too so free up
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