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More coming soon! I lost all my barrel reviews, and I'm trying to recover them.
Authors: Justin Clements, Ice, CJ Ponzo.
CP Kit
- 2 piece barrel system.. Costly but well worth it.. 10 12 14 and 16" tips... .682, .685, .689, .693, and .696 bores.

Aluminum fronts and backs equal Light weight, comparable to being as light as the dye ultralights. The aluminum is of top great. Control bores so no inserts to mess with. Fronts and backs fit properly. Some systems seem to have problems with this, however CP's threading aligns perfectly. Well polished internals and clean easily when breaks occur by shooting. I average 3 shots before my accuracy kicks back in and about 5 shots before its clean. The porting is light, and very efficient. On my angel LCD I get over 200 shots more per tank than I do with a dye barrel, and over 175 more per tank than a freak kit. Similar results with CP vs Dye on a BKO, with the BKO getting about 200 more shots per tank with the CP than with the Dye. Using a micrometer and a jewler's caliper (use to measure gemstone sizes, and heads for holding stones), I measured the bore sizing. Very consistant to what is stamped. Both the micrometer and jewler's caliper are accurate up to .000000001. The CP barrels bores were accurate withing .0003 of their stamped bores, except the .696 which was .0006. Best overall barrel system I've tested to date. This is the most efficient kit I've found. It combines all assets.. light weight.. efficient.. accurate bores.. as well as good looks into 1 kit. It also comes in multiple tip colors, multiple back colors, as well as polished and satin finishes.

JT Kit
- 2 piece barrel system, 10 12 14 and 16" tips... .686, .688 and .690 bores.

Very similar to the CP. Its Lightly ported and has great efficency. Not quite as efficient as the CP kit, but its only within a few shots. This barrel kit has 2 downfalls. 1 is that its backs are rather heavy. Thats a personal preference. The other downfall is that it is only 3 controlled bores. Testing the bore sizes with a micrometer and jewler's caliper, the bore sizings were all withing .00052 of their stamped bore. Though the bores are close to their stamped reading, with only 3 bore sizes, and being only .002 apart from each other, it doesn't allow for a huge variety of paints to be used, unlike the CP. I average about 190 shots per tank more than a dye barrel with the JT's. The 2 downfalls is what keeps the CP running best, if the barrel was lighter, and had more bores available, it could possibly take the CP's #1 ranking. It comes in wide varieties of colors, as well as the avalanche series. Great Kit, but with 3 bores, its just a lacking a little. Hopefully more bores will be available in the future.

Freak System

The Freak Kit is an ok barrel system however, The inserts are not very well polished and bend easily. They are often inconsistant with their supposed sizes. Also the insert aren't held in place that securly and the barrel has horrible gas efficiency due to heavy porting. Rating. I tested probably 30 kits. The bore sizes were (as with almost all the freak kits i've tested) +\- .002 to .003 difference from what they stated. I never used my .679 but it was -.002 and my .682 was +.002 off, that made for a .007 gap, which in perfect paint to barrel matching it is a huge gap. Also the .689 was +.001 and the .691 was -.001 which made BOTH inserts .690. ALOT of the freaks i tested were similar to this, the .007 gap was an extreme and found it on only a couple but there were more gaps that were .004 and also alot where the bore sizes were no different between 2 different sizes. The Teardrop i have is +.002 off, so is my AA as well. I had a couple people from PBStar do this test on the freak as well with similar results.

Redz Pepperstick Kit

Case & Looks

The case this barrel comes in is amazing its rugged and very nice looking with the Redz logo on the top. It is a big change compared to the cheap case that CP Barrel kits come in, and this also includes a battleswab as well as the 4 backs and 2 fronts. The barrel is really stylish as well, it is similar to the design of an ultralite and has the Redz Pepper Logo embossed into the barrel in several places as well as the REDZ text logo. They are really light, I think the closest thing I've ever seen to a Stiffi. The overall packaging and style of this barrel is great and I give it a 8 out of 10 only because it is so similar to an ultralite.

Testing w/ Paint

I tested my kit with several paint brands including Diablo Heat, X-Ball Bronze, Rec Sport, and Artic Inferno. The test results were pretty good I tried my stock barrel with each of those paint brands and boy did I have a lot of barrel breaks, except for with the Rec Sport batch which shot great. Than I sized each paint up and put the Redz Kit barrels on. I only had one barrel break the whole time and that was with the Diablo Heat, which was a pretty small bore, and I was using a .687 which could of possibly been too small as it is the winter and around 40 degrees here in maryland. So as far as accuracy and barrel breaks I give this kit a 9 out of 10, but this is the best I have ever seen from one of my kits. I have owned a CP Kit, Empire Kit, and a Evil Pipe kit.

Field Testing

I had a tryout this weekend, and it was 36 degrees out and I prayed to the paintball gods that this barrel kit would protect me from barrel breaks all day, nothing can ruin your day or game more, and things paid off for the most part. I went all day without a barrel break until I finally smashed some Artic Inferno, which is what I used all day. In my Halo :-x Thats a mess! So I cleaned everything up and I bought another case of Artic Inferno. I watched and laughed as people tryin out with me were just shredin paint in their barrels, while I was shooting money! I got a few breaks my very last game of the day but nothing big and it seemed to clear right out and get back on target after 2-3 shots. By the way I made the team I tryed out for :p I rate this barrel a 9 for field testing as it can't be blamed for my broken halo paint!


Overall I suggest that anyone in the market for a good barrel kit pick this thing up, its stylish, accurate, and helps with those annoying barrel breaks, the only downside and CON to this barrel kit is that as of now they are only cocker threaded which shouldnt be a problem to 90% of the people reading this right now, we all know Timmys are where its at So I have to again give this barrel an overall rating of 9 which is only because its only threaded for Cocker threads, but this is the best kit out there especially for the price, and the quality. has several in stock

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Evil Pipe Kit

This barrel is slightly on the heavy side, but not too bad. It comes in almost all threadings (i think). The backs are 6 inches long and have a clearly labeled bore size on them. The bores are more consistent than the freak, but still not perfect like other barrel kits i've used. Not an effecient barrel kit due to the rather heavy porting, not as heavy as the freaks, but somewhere close too it. You can buy a wide variety of Tips for this kit, coming in a wide variety of colors and sizes. The case is rather unique, its a hard, tubular case that has a screw off bottom where the backs and the one front are. I think you can get the kits for 150 now, which is a tad pricey, but not bad compared to some kits. This thing doesn't clean out paint as well as some barrels, but it does an OK job. My accuracy was nearly phenominal while using prems and a .689 back and a 14 inch tip.

overall, 8/10. Great accuracy, pretty consitent bores, great case, pretty good looking on some guns, kinda cleans paint out well, HUGE selection of hot tips.
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