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Hello Nation, today I am putting up a gun that I have had in my posession for over 6 months. I'm not really looking to get rid of it, but if the right deal comes a long.. well.. I may just have to send her to a new home.

The gun is grey with blue parts, has a bit of anno fading on the feedneck and on the reg. A couple nicks on the side, but nothing major.

With the gun, you will recieve..

Grey with Blue parts Ego6
2006 Star Frame (Dark Frame)
Stock Bolt w/ Delrin Pin
Hardshell Bolt
2.00 Board

$800 shipped to your door

DM6 + cash
NXT Platform Shockers
Other stuff... no timmies unless you are adding quite a bit

I can add gear (Halos, DXS Pants, maybe other stuff) for certain things...


I'll try to get more pics later.. this is all I have at the moment.

If you have any questions, ask.

I am teh Chris - AIM
[email protected]

1. I do NOT ship first.
2. I ship USPS Priority to the main 48 only, that means if you live in canada/australia/cambodia, don't offer.
3. Third party trades will be done through me, you pay the fees.
4. I do not deal with people who are immature, cannot use grammar, and/or are retarded.
5. Post in this thread before messaging me on AIM or PMing me.
If you do not like these rules, simply do not post.

Thanks for looking.
Due to sponsorships, I must have a DM6 in my hands by saturday evening.

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Up for a hot gun. I'll try to let some friends know about it also.
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