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Yes, it's a repost, I felt it was time for a new thread.
1. Follow them
2. Act mature
3. At least make some sort of attempt to type coherently.
4. I don't ship first. I have around 3 pages of feedback, all positive.
5. No lowballs. Kittens will be killed if I am offered an ion.
6. Feedback in sig.
7. Post before pm/aim
8. AIM at Elliswithagun

2k4 Lasoya Intimidator

- Black to blue Lasoya
- 16" 2 piece UL
- Dragon trigger included
- CP trigger
- Was 2.9 - semi, ramp, nxl full auto
- Shocktech bolt
- After market ram and hemmer assembly, I'm not sure who made it, but you never have to change bumpers
- Some cut up dye grips - One panel off in pics, can include.
- Check-it uni mount
- Just replaced the clamshell screws
- LCD screen taken out for WAS 2.9 does not use it. Will be included. White/purple piece of paper in place where board was, used to say dodgy, then it got wet from paint.

Boomstick for sale - $30 cocker threads- include for $25 more.


Trades (I can add some):
Matrices (pm's or dm's) PM5s/dm4s I don't add. pm6/dm5 I add.
Upper timmies I add.
Others, just offer. No ions.

1 - 13 of 13 Posts