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I recently received a Canon FS10 Camcorder as a gift, unfortunately I have no use for it. The box has been opened, but nothing has been used. When you purchase this, you will be the first to use it.

The camcorder is refurbished, but is straight from Canon. I trust it to work 100%.

I have everything back in the box as it was packaged from the factory, and I would rather not open everything back up for pictures unless absolutely necessary. Plus I only have a camera phone, so the pictures wouldn't be the greatest. If pictures make the deal, I can take some.

Here is a picture of the FS10:

For a full list of specifications, follow this link:

Canon FS10 specs and Digital Camcorder specifications - CNET Reviews

Price and Trades
$220, but I will listen to all offers
Xbox 360

Not especially looking for anything else, but feel free to offer away.

Thanks for looking.
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