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Well hell yeah it's Tomba
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Today I had my OutKast Sniper II for sale. I would actually really like to keep this, but right now I rather focus on shooting my ego as opposed to screwing around with my Sniper. I have used it in 1 game. The game was only snap shooting as well.
With this guns come the manual, barrel cover, cocker training DVD, original box and an 18" WGP Kaner barrel(very accurate) . I except paypal(you add fee's) or Money orders.

I also have tons of 10 rounds tubes, and a wrist harness that can go along with this.

I also except trades. Just offer.

1. No 1337 talk
2. You ship first
3. No flaming​

To the pictures and price:
WGP 2006 Outkast Sniper II. Price $200.00

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