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Barber said:
Hello PBnation, I'm trying to trade of my Empire 2 today. It's white with black parts, as you can see in the pics. I've been told that these are 1 of 10, but I'm not totally sure on that. The gun has had maybe 2 cases through it. It had a couple problems when I got it, but Blast is fixing it right now, so it will be 100% working by the end of the week. It has a very small scratch on the front block, and another small scuff above the left eye cover. Nothing that you can see from over a foot away.

In the short time I've owned this gun, aside from the few problems, it has been one of the nicest guns I've ever owned. It's amazingly light, retarded fast, and looks absolutely awesome. I had it running fine at 55 psi, the bolt was bouncing off my finger.

I'm mainly looking to downgrade or for 2 for 1s. If you offer a gun from 05, plan to add atleast 300 or another gun with it. I would be happy to keep this machine gun.

Gun is back from Blast, used it last sunday, shot fine. Was shooting 275 fps all day at 60 psi. Have not touched the gun since.

Short CP reg
Empire 1.5 Board
SS Screw Kit
CP ASA (maybe)
.692 UL (maybe)
VP LPR piston

2 Protos
05 Timmies+
2 05 Timmies
2 Shockers
Any mix of 2 guns listed
05 PL Egos
All black guns are a huge plus.

Don't Want:
Stupid stuff


(Shaft and Trauma Jersey not included)

I am teh Chris - AIM
[email protected]

1. I do NOT ship first.
2. I ship USPS Priority to the main 48 only, that means if you live in canada/australia/cambodia, don't offer.
3. I do not deal with people who are immature, cannot use grammar, and/or are retarded.
4. Post in this thread before messaging me on AIM or PMing me.
If you do not like these rules, simply do not post.

Thanks for looking.


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