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Black Ion ($200)
T-Board With DM4 Membrane Pad ($80)
Black Shell
Red Sith Frame ($120)
Black CP Shorty Reg ($60)
Full Freak kit Aluminum Freak Back with 14" Red AA front ($140)
VP Techna Sythe Trigger ($45)
Old Dye 45 Stickies ($20)
ST Feedneck ($35)
Killa Magnetic Detents ($20)
Eclipse Rail ($20)
SP On/Off ASA ($20)
Eclipse QEV ($15)
Total ---------------------------($775) If you went out and bought these new

$450 OBO

T-Boarded Ramping Ion Video


I won't Ship first Unless I say otherwise. Feedbacks in sig I have 56 and I'm not going to scam you. I ship USPS Priority typically.

I can do 3rd party through Halliday on pbreview. Only cost is shipping to and from him.


Offer up I don't want to downgrade.
Can add Hopper, Cash, Unlettered XXXL Ironman Jersey, Mantis 4+3 Pack, etc.

$450 OBO

Aim - JordanPBN
MSN - [email protected]
PM - Triggahappykid
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