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prices are negotiable

02 chrome cocker
black eblade with eye
12" dye boomstick
orracle bolt
palmers rock lpr
stock ram
can include stock 3-way
kapp dropzone stubby cradle
kapp on/off
15* asa
black front and back block

A4 fly
any matrix

He will add cash to all of those if necessary.

EXTRAS: he is also selling a 68/3000 pmi high pressure tank, perfect for cockers. = $130

PRICE: 660 for gun only, or 760 for tank and gun. REMEMBER: prices are negotiable

contact info: his aim is: pballconnexion.
post here before instant messaging him. its easier to keep track that way


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theres no way hes gonna do that. i think he mighta kinda found another deal, but its not set yet, and he'll go down to $600 on the cocker. he said he can do 300, if anyone wants just the cocker, and no eblade. he would take the eblade off. but theres no point in a mech cocker. i had one, dint liek it
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