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i got an 2k2 green vert cocker. it has been used for only this summer and there is only a couple of scratches on the reg.

2k2 green WGP cocker
Shocktech Supafly Bolt
System X Vengeance 2.0 frame
Smart Parts All American 14" Freak Front
Flame Drop Forward
68/3000 pure energy fiber wrapped 4 yrs left on hydro bought last fall crappy cover but does the job

Trigger Frame Video: This is not my gun but i hav the same trigger frame. the video lags but the sound is right and i can rip just as fast.

i'm lookin for around $200 w/out tank. $280 with tank. $300 with a 32 degrees jersey and JT Nvader mask.
PM me or get me on AIM @ bigchubbs9199
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