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This is my 2004 Prostock WGP Autococker. I got it from someone on craigslist for only 65 dollars. I have since added quite a few upgrades, and I definitely put autocockers above the spyder/piranha/etc. club... I shot spyders and piranhas for a while and they don't compare when it comes to accuracy and reliability. Don't knock autocockers... They are amazing for those of us that know how to properly time and maintain them. There's nothing like the sound of the three way and the back block... so smooth and light feeling.

I put this in the 350 range forum too, but I realized that it should go here.

She's wearing:
-Black Bob Long Torpedo Regulator
-Shocktech Type #5 Red Drop Forward (it was $3.50 on ebay look it up)
-Red Palmer LPR with thumb adjuster ($22 bid snipe on ebay... 1 sec left FTW!)
-Red Microline kit
-Smart Parts Freak Barrel kit 14" red front
-Delrin Bolt
-Stock trigger/valve... but it's timed with very small trigger pull
-suction timed for MAX ROF w/o going electro. (Cocker owners you know what I'm talking about.)
-12volt VL Revolution w/ X-board (ebay 25$)
-4 pod camo harness... not a big fan remotes.

The third image is just another picture of my compressed air tanks... and my cousin's autococker (chrome) don't worry about that, I'll post that later for rating.

1 3000psi 68ci fiber wrapped(ebay 25$)
1 4500psi 88ci fiber wrapped(craigslist $80 in hydro and working)
1 3000psi 48ci steel
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