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•••••04 Shocker VISION Brand New w/ TONS OF EXTRAS *PICS•••••

Hi im selling a Black 04' VISION Shocker with a twisting feedneck (all the pictures below dont have the twisting feedneck in them). This gun also comes with tons of extras!

This is shocker number: #5011
So it has all the new parts on it, not the old parts with problems.

I got this gun about a month ago, and its in perfect working condition! I bought only the necessary parts to make it as light weight as possible! I used it about 3 times, and then the only field in my country closed, due to zoning. I also figured since im getting a car soon, might as well sell my gun and save up. I have had no problems with this gun, and it has no scrathes. The trigger is setup VERY nicely! It comes in the Original Box, with the original instructions, original unopened shocker lube, its comes like it was brand new. The gun is very clean (i didnt even need to clean it because i only used it a couple times) But i will give it a good clean before i send it off.

If you buy the gun alone, it comes with...

04 VISION Shocker - Serial #5011
Original Shocker Barrel Condom
Original Box
Shocker Manual
Shocker Lube
Twisting Feed Neck
Drop Forward
Extra Orings (came with shocker)
Warranty Cards
2 New 9 volt Batteries (One already in gun)
Squeegee (Blue)

All this for: $675 OBO
All this and Tank + Hopper (description below): $825 OBO

The seperate things i will sell (you can buy them with gun or sperate):

68/3000 Crossfire Nitro Tank - With Smart Parts Tank Cover
Evolution2 (egg)
JT Flex 7 With Clear And Tinted Lenz
JT SUV Bag - Medium (very clean)
Blue JT Jersey XL - Never used
Blue JT Gloves
Dye Hybrid 04' Black/Grey Pants
Redz Dimension 3+2 03' Pack - With Comfort Belt and 3 dye pods
Dye ATCs Blue (very clean and not worn alot) - With original box and the Dye bag it came with the shoes. ( i even have the white paper stuff it came with)
Tool Kit - Little portable tool kit with, all alen keys, Most wrenches, and other tools. (Every tool to open you gun with included)

I really dont want to sell this gun, best gun i ever had. Light weight, fast, accurate as hell, and just kicks ***. Unfortunatley the closest field is 2 hours away.

-Contact Information-
If you have any question please contact me by...
Aim - pbfreak0123 (fastest)
Email - [email protected] (check it more then once a day)
or just post here

-Payment Options-
Paypal-will send right when i get money through paypal
Money order-will ship when money has been recieved
Check-will ship when check cleared
Sorry these are the only ways i accept thumup:


Gun In Box

Full Right Side

The Eye

On The Box

(wont let me upload sorry)
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