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08 Smart Parts Vibe with paintjob

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paintjob as in spraypaint?

it may look good now but wait a while and it'll start to flake and chip.
no i used krylon witch is more rubbery than normal paint its more like a powder coat
I've heard good thing about that. Hopefulyl it'l hold up for you. It looks pretty good.
thanks. rating???
7/10, it's stoc kbut you can't really buy anything for it right now.
yeah... thats the only problem
i can get a clamping feed neck, a trigger and a barrel but thats about it
They are coming otu with a BH board fore it, though whether or not you will need it idk, you plan on running tournaments with it?
well this is my first gun so I havnt even played the gun yet but I did a crap load or research bofore hand.
Ahh. Well if you don't plan on running tournaments with it then don't get the board, what is it capped at?
I think 11 bps
Yea new board is good either way.
ok thanks witch feed neck should I get? The stock one is making me crazy
Looks fine ot me, ego style too.
wait this may sound really really stupid but are you suppsed to tighten the feed neck till you can't take the hopper out or let it slide out
ok well it takes so long to take it off so I really want a clamping feed neck
that is a clamping feedneck. use and allen wrench and it tightens in seconds
ahh sorry I'm thinking of the feed neck with the lever on the side
1 - 20 of 21 Posts
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