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1) No flaming or spamming
2) My gun works flawlessly so don't claim it doesn't!
3) If it gets lost in the mail, it is not my responsibility, pay for insurance.
4) YOU ship FIRST unless you are a mod, I know you, I give it the ok or you have astonishing feedback.
5) You are paying PP fees and Shipping (however you want it shipped)
6) I accept Paypal and Cash if you are close by, no MO

Hey there, I have 3 12oz Co2 tanks, 2 of them are Java and the other one is a Pure Energy. All 3 of them are in amazing shape no chipped paint at most superficial scratches. They all have worked for me with no problems ever.
any questions just pm me.
I couldent figure out how to put up pics so if u want to see them pm and ill try to send them to you

PRICES: $15.00 each OBO, $30.00 OBO for all 3
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