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****Matrix, Evolve, Tadao, eyes!!! MUST GOO!!!! $950 OBO!!!!****


I got a Trix w/ All the goodies

Evolve Bolt kit
Tadao 4.0
CP Trigger
AKA Sidewinder inline
15* ASA
Silver Toxic Spikes Volumizers
Doby eyes (installed by Doby45 himself)
Ndz Breech (black)
CCM No-rise
Toxic Performance Dubs breech nob
DM4/LCD Grips (uber comfy)
Dye Back Plate

if the deal insists.. I can throw in a 5 peice 16" Scepter kit w/ new style tip. I can also throw in $$$ or other pball items

I am looking for around $950 Cash for the gun i can negotiate the price

1. DM4
2. A4/A4fly

I DO NOT WANT ANY Impulses, or cockers

I am in no hurry to get rid of this. I really want a DM4 and can add.

AIM - metallicafan9182
MSN - [email protected]
E-mail - [email protected]

--Kan Man
Feedback in Sig


Gun does not come w/ Tank or Halo, Scepter kit can be included if deal is good

All stickers except the Doby45 have been removed, and there is a balitmore trauma sticker on the back plate

my feed back

EDIT - changed title of thread
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