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1337's Phantom

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This thing is pimp. Shoots wonderfully. Specs in sig. Please rate according to other pumps.


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8/10 for pumps.
6/10 for all
not huge fan of pumps
phantoms pwn 9/10 for pumps
7/ over all

rock 'n' cock for life:D

Dont really know much about pumps
9.5/10.. Dont know much about pumps, but I know enough to know that phantoms rock for pumps..

7 For Phantoms
7 for all pumps

I've seen way nicer phantoms.
Not bad, however I don't think you own us.
Eh, I own most of you. ;)

Yeah nicer phantoms but I got this for free. So I'm happy.
How did you get it for free?
1337 owns almosty everyone :)

except me...

Pimp gun, Stock class is sooo fun to play man. W/ the cigar tubes and stuff. lol
Badinflewinse said:
3/10 overall
Wow, what a bad rating...You ever played pump??

Nice Phantom, but as said, I've seen way more pimped ones than this.

7.5/10 pumps
Can't really compare pumps to other guns easily, so I won't try and rate it.

damn for free? wish i had ppl like that around here. its stock so 6 i like phantoms..
SEFishy said:
damn for free? wish i had ppl like that around here. its stock so 6 i like phantoms..
Its not stock...

Nice pump man, diggin it.


Gator Boots says AGG...well atleast when you had it. Lol. But you made a good trade. I would have bought it tho=(

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Dude, I already knew I was AGG.

Silly. ;)

Thanks for reminding me.
bro ne one who plays with phantom is a gangsta 9/10, get a vert feed on that
nice pump man, i'm likin it... 8/10 for pumps
1 - 20 of 21 Posts
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