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F/S 1998 autococker Many Ups!!

this is a highly modded 1998 WGP right side feed autococker.

-1998 WGP Right feed body, internals, main reg.(black)--$350 w/

-ANS 45 Quickfire frame and trigger (chrome)--$120

-Hogue style grips (incl. with frame)

-ANS Jackhammer LPR--$50

-ANS short throw 3 way (chrome)$35

-ANS Low pressure chamber (chrome)-$20

-ANS Mini ram (chrome)$20

-ANS quick pull bolt (red)-$40

-Gas thru grip$20

-DYE drop forward/ASA$25

-CP 12' chrome barrel-$40

asking around 230 shipped
email me with questions about payment through paypal or any other questions
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