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I have upgraded to a newer generation mp3 player and no longer have a use for this. As the title says, it's a first generation Microsoft Zune. 30gb, in brown.


Has some scratches on screen but nothing major. Battery life is still pretty good and wi-fi still works. Had last been updated to the latest software version about 2 months ago. I will include the music I already have on it. Includes brown leather zune case, premium earbuds, original box, data cable, and the microfiber carry pouch if I can find it.

PRICE: $40 Shipped. I will entertain trades as long as they have nothing to do with paintball or other mp3 players. 6x9 speakers are nice, *hint hint*.

-I only accept paypal. I am paypal verified.
-You can contact me via PM, or via email at [email protected].
-I ship via USPS. If you want another carrier or some kind of crazy overnight tracking ****, you can add accordingly.
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