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Alright I have a Dm4 and an Ion Ft 2 4 1

first up is the dm4 it has:

Tadao M6

Cp Trigger

Dye UL

Lucky Top Hat mods

Cp Rail

Cp On off

Will get parts kit pics soon solinoid, eye wire, both battery harnesses used


more upon request

Ion has:

V i r t u e Eyes

Hybrid Feedneck

Cp barrel (red/ 12 in. not shown in pic)

V i r t u e Qev

Cp rail

Cp on off

SP Firebolt

Cp sling trigger


***##Tank and revy aint included##***

Trades: No ICD, Spyder Clones, other Ions

Price: 450 shipped Dm4
310 Shipped Ion (dont wanna sell really)

Offer here before u get me on aim : motomadness910
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