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Ok, so I'm going to (try) get rid of some of my markers. So I am interested in trading 2 of my markers for 1. Choose 2 from those I have listed, and tell me what you offer. Only rules for me are:

If it's a poppet, it must be a Victory, and come with a pressure tester, or an MQ'd cocker that still has pneumatics (no e-pumps).
Blue markers preferred.

Naughty Dogs Shocker NXT

Critical trigger, Virtue OLED board, Evil Detonator, Planet Eclipse POPs. Do not have stock barrel, takes cocker barrels.

Bob Long Marq Rapper

Supercharger engine, Bob Long gear drive on/off, real feedneck, Critical trigger, 4C eyes, Tadao M8 board, do not have stock barrel.

Hostile Inc. Rogue+

stock, fully up to date

Mokal Aura

stock, has the updated board

Macdev Clone v2 VX'd

stock v2 w/ all the VX upgrades.

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I'm willing to trade a pair of beats by dre studio almost brand new for any of the markers..... I'm a a beginner and I'm just getting started and it would really help if you took my offer into concideration
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