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I have here several things for sale, including several revy hoppers, a 2k3 pro stock, a Sheridan p-12, and a splatmaster in the box, also a jt mask, as well as a steely 3k

Will not ship first- shipping is 11-20 dollars additional, usps flat rate priority mail
Autococker pump-120 blackl
Blue autococker pump -150
Sheridan p68 at- 120
Splatmaster -70
Revy-20 each
Steel 3k- 25
Jt mask-20

Trades - Sheridan, Palmer's, shocker, cockers, mags

The black autococker pro stock does have a home made pump handle, this gun was but together by a local air Smith and has floated around for 4 years since, shoots awesome, does not come with the barrel - $130

This blue cocker was milled by me, in machining class works great and is just gorgeous. Does not have a pump handle yet, $150

The Sheridan, does not leak shoots great. Will not come with the at, am going to switch that out for a stock wooden grip and frame single trigger -$120

The splatmaster is in great shape, does not leak and comes in the original box with the Manuel, this is a bueatiful set -$70

Three reviews one of them is a single 9-volt revy


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