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Alright today I have my Etek Egos for sale or trade and a Smart Parts Ion that belongs to a friend for sale.


Etek 1 $650 firm (looking for trades)
LNIB Jungle Etek
Tadao Board (Musashi 7 software)
Stock Board
Stock Barrel
Critical and Stock Trigger
Parts Bag
*e Oil
Etek Case

Etek 2 SOLD
LNIB Urban Etek
All stock
Parts Bag
Metal Case

Eye Candy

More Pictures upon request.

Ego's (prefer 07 and 08 but will take the right 06)
Other High Ends may interest me.

Dont Wants

Mini's unless you add lots of money
Pre- 2k5 markers
Mech and Pump Markers
Other Low Ends

Up next I have my buddies Ion

Black Smart Parts Ion $220 w/AA or $200 with out
14" Smart Parts All-American
Clamping Feedneck
Dye Stickies
Stock Parts (Grips, Barrel, Feedneck)
Parts Bag
Barrel Condom

Eye Candy

No 1337 speak
Post offer here before you PM me
Don't act immature.
Lowball me, I will just consider it a free up.
No Flaming
I dont ship First (but can be discussed)
No Parting out
My gun is in fantastic working order, I expect the same from yours.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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