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All of this stuff must go!

DYE Mini Cocker : Bear with me here, this is my brothers gun tricked and tech'd out by both WGP and Dye techs. Been awhile so I'm not that sharp on all the parts and stuff. This is what I recall. I'd like to be as correct as possible, so if you notice something I missed, let me know and I will correct! TIA
  • Chrome right feed minicocker: Genuine WGP!
  • Taso 10inch barrel
  • Evolution Bolt from BelSales (make the predator and evolution series guns)
  • WGP Chrome Orr-acle Series 3-Way
  • DYE Hinge Trigger
  • DYE Bullet Ram [I know its DYE, proper product name not 100% on.]
  • DYE Bullet Reg
  • Custom Internals in the gun, I believe they are a mixture of STO/DYE series.
  • WGP Vertical Reg + Chrome Grip
  • Drop Forward
  • Stainless Steal Braded Hosing
Looking for $225.00 U.S. OBO (please see payment info below)

Brand New Bruizer Outlaw! :
  • Bruizer Outlaw
  • VL200
  • Carrying Case
  • O-Rings
  • Elbow
  • Spare Tools & Parts
  • Manual
Won this gun in a tournament, moved and when I was unpacking, the thing just showed up. I guess moving does have its perks. :)

Looking for $110.00 OBO This is a new gun folks!

MISC Parts & Gear! :
  • Dye Barrel SS, Spyder threads, 14inch: $25.00
  • Unique Pro Gear Neoprene Revy Cover: $10.00
  • Autococker High Rise: $10.00
  • Planet Eclipse NIB Samurai Trigger: $30.00 (paid 34.95+s&h)
  • STO Ram (pretty sure it works) + Cocking Arm: $10.00
  • 99' Black Magic Bolts: $25.00
  • 2 Piece (half delron, half aluminum) Orracle Bolt + Black Magic Pull Pin: $35.00
  • ViewLoader Drop Forward (Rotates left & right without tools!): $25.00
  • WGP Drop Forward: $25.00
  • Air America Reguluator: $50.00
  • Dye Bullet 3-way: $18.00
  • Benchmark Red 45 Frame: $40.00
  • Skan-Line Expansion Chamber: $20.00
  • Mini-Cocker Vertical Adapter: $10.00
    Not Pictured:
  • Paintball Junkies harness: Black+Grey, 5+4 with 5 pods: $40.00
  • Redz 3+2 Dimension Pack w/ free belt size 28-32: $35.00, add 3 pods: Add 5 dollars
Everything is OBO, all of it must go! Cleaning my gear boxes for the winter. If you are looking for something not seen, ask, I may have it. This is only the first group of stuff for sale.

Now the small print: Buyer pays shipping, as usual. Once payment is recieved, goods shipped next business day!

Methods of payment:
  • Cash!
    [*]Paypal + 3% Transaction fees please
    [*]Money Order
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