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[B]Im selling both my paintball markers with the extras! I have broken them down into two sepperate package deals. Im not sure how to put images in so I have the craigslist URLs that I also have these guns listed at. Im open to offers[/B]
omen- Evil Omen paintball marker *new price*

I have a like new Evil omen 2.0 Paintball Marker. I have used this gun only a few times. It is an electric paintball marker that can be programed to shoot at different rates. I am including A proto Switch mask I bought, An evolution II egg hopper (this hopper is top of the line and is able to keep up with the fire rate of the gun and help reduce the dreaded chopped paintball) a 3000 PSI Air tank that needs to be re-hydrotested, the marker charger, a paintball marker case, a pair of large Evil gloves (yellow), a 6 pod pack with 3 pods, a tube of Evil pus gun lubrication, the manual. Im open to offers. I do have another marker for sale that Id be willing to combine the trade. I originally paid over 800 for all of this and its still like new. Im sad to see it go but Im going off to college soon and I wont be able to afford college and paintball :( text, call, or email with any question or offers. 3)263-9535.

and the other is this deal
I am selling my Piranha R6 used paintball marker. I have some extras that go with it. I have an extra barrel that fits the gun, a gravity fed hopper, an electric fed hopper, the stock velocity spring kit, a little care package I have put together with goggle cleaner, marker oil, a battery for the hopper which I believe is new, the care manual is still with the gun, I have a barrel cleaner for it and plug, also it comes with a 9oz C02 tank that only needs to be re-hydrotested befor use.(they need to be rehydrotested every few years so its not deffective or anything) I took very good care of this gun as it was my back up gun. I cleaned it after every use and all ways kept it oiled. The electronic setting on the gun go from semi-auto, to 3-9 shot burst, to full auto. The gun works great and all ways has. A great gun if your getting into speed ball and need to be able to shoot enough paint to keep up with other guys. Or the gun can be used for anything you want it to be. I will have another paintball marker on craiglist soon today that is even nicer with better extras!! but I will want more money for it. If interested I will offer both these guns together so you could have a complete tournament package like I have. Im asking 110 (O.B.O.) for this gun
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