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So far this gun has been an adventure into what true quality is. The gun is a work of art. The gun continues to gets comments on the anno, and the comment from almost every first time holder is "wow that's so light!". I'm moving onto another gun though, for other reasons.

Asking price is $600.

Here is what comes with your purchase:

2005 (Purchased in June, 06) MacDev Sonic Cobalt to Silver Cyborg ($650)
-Sonic Bolt
-Sonic Board (w/ Cybersense 2)
-Sonic LPR
-Sonic Grips
-Sonic Feedneck
-Sonic Milling
-Sonic Trigger

2005 (Purchased in June, 06 with the Marker) 7 Piece MacDev Matchstik Barrel kit, colored Cobalt to match the gun. ($140)
-.685, .687, .689, .693

MacDev Trippy Barrel Condom ($5)

PaintballKingdom Snakeskin Bolt ($40)

CP Rail & CP ASA ($60)

MacDev Sonic Carrying Case
MacDev Matchstik Carrying Case

No trades please. The only trade I would consider is a NIB PM6, but I know I won't get that, so whatever. I'm really looking to sell, and freeups will be returned likewise.

*Note: The top part of the feedneck is off in that picture*

Thanks for looking at my thread. Remember, the price is OBO, so offer up please.


1. Post in here before contacting me.

2. If it isn't a PM6, don't offer.

3. Do not lowball, or else it will be taken as a freeup.

Thanks again,
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