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Americans can BYOP !!!
Renegade Paintball in Dauphin MB. Canada (3.5 hours west of winnipeg, and 3.75 hours east of Regina and 3 hours north of the Border from Dakota) opens its scenario field and explodes into the big event scene for 2005 with another 2 awesome events. The field varies from acres of thick jungle like bush- to open meadows, embankments, river crossings, dry creek beds, etc. All paths and monkey trails are neatly cleared in the bush and mapped out for the players. Once you see this will likely poop.

1st game (Planet of the Apes) July 9th
This will be an estimated 6-8 hour game, and the 1st scenario ever on our scenario field. The plot will be based on Planet of the Apes during the time of the apes revolution to power. As with the tournaments there will be early-bird pricing on registration spots, as well you can choose to be a "damn dirty ape" (as Heston quotes), or be on the human resistance army. 70 spots will be available for this game. Running date is Saturday July 9th. Click here for the official site with more details>>>

2nd game (Universal Soldier) August 13-14th
This will be the scenario game of all games!! 30-34 hours of uncut, uncensored, unrated, hardcore paintball action. So bring your tent, sleeping bag, and backpack. Actual gameplay is about 20 hours because the action is shut down at night. The plot will be loosely based on the movie Universal Soldier. The game will take place when a group of renegade universal soldiers forcefully escapes the military compound and retreats into the mountains after fearing termination. There will also be earlybird pricing on registrations. We will have about 110-120 spots available for this game. Running date will be Aug 13-14th '05. Don't miss this one or you'll kick yourself later!! Click here for the official site with more details>>>

Don't hesitate to ask questions if you got 'em!
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