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Should I go through with this trade?

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I have an offer to trade my

Black Spyder Electra
Shocktech LPC
PMI X-Chamber
Macroline Kit
PMI Flame Drop
14" Custom Products Classic 1 piece barrel (.689)
14" J&J Ceramic Barrel
Polished bolt/internals
Drilled out VA
MAJORLY adjusted trigger
12 v. Revvy w/ X-board

for a 2000 cocker w/
kapp front block and kapp 3-way. also a PE 47/3000. Anyone say yay or nay? How much (if any) cash should I ask him to add.

by the way, anyone know how this gun preforms? as well as the newer ones?

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dont get a 2000 cocker
sell the spyder, then save up some for a newer one
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