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I have a Upgraded 2003 Vision Shocker for trade. It is new in box and it was only opened to air it up and shoot it and installing the upgrades.

- 2003 Vision Shocker
- Smart Parts HE Bolt Kit
- Stock Bolt Kit Included
- NDZ magentic Trigger
- Stock Trigger Included
- 15* ASA
- Twistlock Feedtube
- Snatch Grip
- Dye Guage

DM4 - I add
2k2, Alias, storm, dragon, empire, dark, lasoya timmes.No GZs or classics
Dynasty Shockers
Freeflow shockers
Dark Shockers
Karnivore, Nexxus Factory

---I Dont Want---
- Eblades
- Bushmasters
- impulses
- anything not on the Trades list.

Pics are now up!!

Get me on Aol Instant Messanger if you have any questions!
Thank you!

Screen name
1 - 8 of 8 Posts