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I just got my 2005 Ego not too long ago, and I need to adjust my settings.

Here's my setup:
-2005 Ego
-Virtue board
-Cure bolt
-Hybrid grips
-Star frame
-Star trigger
-Star regulator
-CP on/off
-Lucky Unitech barrel/Ego Shaft barrel
-Empire Reloader B
-Crossfire 70ci/4500psi HPA tank

I haven't tuned the LPR yet, but I have the inline chronographed at around 235fps. I don't know what pressure that is as the gauge on the marker only goes up to 120psi when I air up the marker. However, when shooting a pod full of paint, I go through anywhere from 800-1000psi within that pod full of paint; that is NOWHERE near where those numbers should be, as an '05 Ego should pull close to a case of paint on a full 68ci/4500psi tank.

As of now, I have the dwell set to what I think is 9ms, down from the setting of 27ms when I got it (I bought it used). I haven't really screwed around with the dwell on ANY marker before, so I have no idea how the numbers work. I always thought that once you erased the current dwell while in programming mode, that you had to pull the trigger as many times as you wanted the dwell to be; so, when I wanted a dwell on 9, I pulled the trigger 9 times. Let's say that the dwell has a highest of 50ms, and a lowest of 1ms; does it go from 50ms (meaning that to get to a dwell of 9ms, you must pull the trigger 41 times), or from 1ms to 50ms (meaning that to get to a dwell of 9ms, you pull the trigger 8 times). ^^^^^^------That's one of the things that I really need to know!

What I also need to know is what the optimal settings are for an '05 Ego. Like I said, I have a Virtue board and obviously I need to adjust everything to where it should be so that my Ego performs at it's best (especially at my upcoming tournament). Below are all of the things that I need to know the OPTIMAL settings for on my Virtue board.

Debounce: I set my trigger close to the activation point (it's in the middle if you judge it by the system used in the "Eclipse Ego Board and Tuning" thread). What should I set my Debounce to? How do I set it (1-5 or 5-1)?

Dwell: how do I set it (50ms-1ms or 1ms-50ms), and what do I set it to? Stock is 7.5ms for the '05 Ego.

Eye Delay: I use an Empire Reloader B, and I lock my board at 15bps (soon to be to 13.3bps). What should I set my Eye Delay to, and how do I set it (1-5 or 5-1)?

AMB (Anti-Mechanical Bounce): how do I set it and what do I set it to?

ABS (Anti-Bolt Stick): how do I set it and what do I set it to? I have a Cure bolt so it slide through teh tube quite easily with a small amount of Slick lube.

I know that this is a long and gruelling post, but please bear with me here. I need to get this Ego up and running at it's best. Please help me.

Thank you all in advance for your help.
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