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Since noone reads rules, I'll keep them simple.

1. I only have AT MOST $100 to add for a trade.
2. If we trade, I'm willing to do a simultaneous trade, we both agree to send it on the same day. Or you can send first. I'm not sending first. I'm not DESPERATE to get rid of it, it's just that I have no use for it.
3. If I sell, you pay, I ship.
4. Shipping is continental US only unless you're willing to pay extra for shipping.

That said, here's my superstock. I was the first ever owner of this. Replaced the SF frame with the E2 (still has the stock front noid however). Put daul TRV's (WGP version of QEV) on the stock ram. Put in a Slik Edge III bolt and pin (ULTRA LIGHTWEIGHT). Warrior clamping neck and a Shocktech on/off. Shoots fantastic for a still traditionally valved autococker. But I have an MQ'd cocker, and an SR (that I'm trying to find an MQ for), so I just will never bother using it again. Does NOT come with the barrel pictured, will come with a 10" Bob Long Longshot barrel. I have no idea what happened to the stock, but it's been 6 years since it came out, I think I can be forgiven for that.

$215 shipped to continental US

1 - 14 of 14 Posts