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So I want to get an Onslaught, but I have no room for further markers in my house. So somethings got to give. Took me weeks to decide what to get rid of, but finally decided to part with my Demon.

2012 Demon with the upgrades to the 2013 spec. Frank was the one that handled getting it updated, and have never had an issue other than worn out orings just recently. Battery still holds a fantastic charge. Comes with case, both barrel lengths, charger and the barrel cover, however most of the other stuff that came with it have been misplaced.

Asking $400 shipped to your door, or if you're local, $375 and I can deliver in person. Not intereted in trades unless it's an Onslaught with gloss blue, purple, or violet as the primary color, and obviously I'd have money to add for it.

Shooting video.
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