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So just looking to see what I can get. Don't have anything particular in mind, but I'm tired of the APE board. I'm color blind, so programming it is a huge hassle for me. This comes with the case, parts kit, USB key, like it did when new. This marker has been very reliable, and shoots AMAZING. If they had kept the OLED board from the 2012, I wouldn't consider getting rid of it, but I absolutely despise the APE LED boards. However, I've got the settings where I want them, so I'm not desperate to get rid of it. I'm perfectly content keeping it if I don't get a trade that I'm interested in. Since price is required, if you want to buy it, $1050 firm (I don't want to sell so I'm very aware that this is a highly unrealistic price, I want to trade).

Only 3 things for trade is:

1. I'm not adding, if you want me to add, don't bother posting, I don't have any money right now to add.
2. Bright colors only. I don't want any black on black, dark red on black, gunmetal, etc.
3. Spools only!! I don't like the way poppets shoot other than the victories, and I already have 2 of them so absolutely no need for another.

With that said, let me know what you have!!

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