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BLackcat Paintball is producing The 8th day on April 1-2, 2006 in Acton, CA

Coming to in a darkened room, General Wayne Ellington attempted to rise. He quickly found that his hands and feet were bound to a cold aluminum chair.

“Good morning, Herr General,” a voice as fine and sharp as a stiletto blade intoned.

“I’m retired,” Hodges said to the empty room through what felt like a mouthful of cotton.

“I know,” the voice continued, “In fact, General, I know a great deal more about you than most anyone else in the world. Ah, but that puts you at a disadvantage, does it not? Allow me to introduce myself.” At that moment a man walked into the room wearing a black suit with a red pocket kerchief. The man’s hair was as black as his suit, slicked back from a severe widow’s peak above his thin round glasses.

“You can call me ‘One.’ That’s what the rest of the experiments know me as. You will be joining them soon.” A firm hand grabbed Ellington from behind and a sharp pain at the base of his skull sent him spiraling into unconsciousness.

Waking up in his bed, Wayne Ellington looked around his hotel room and saw… nothing. Nothing was wrong. Nothing was out of place. Were it not for the raised welt and shooting pain at the top of Ellington’s spine he would have called the whole thing a bad dream.

The shattering ring of the phone was almost enough to send Wayne back into catatonia. He jerked himself to the edge of the bed, his wrinkled fingers curling around the receiver before the next agonizing ring.


“General?” the nervous voice said on the other end.

“Retired,” Wayne groaned.

“You might just come out of retirement for what I’m about to tell you. You’re in this area looking for your daughter…”

He sat bolt upright at the edge of the bed, the whole world snapping into vivid focus. “You know where she is?”

“My name is Dr. Noah Creed. I’m the director…”
silence. A quick breath. “They’re coming! Listen to me carefully. You only have forty-eight hours to live. What happened to you last night I… I can’t tell you right now. Just know that you are a ticking time-bomb.

“Wha…” the General began.

Dr. Creed cut him off. “‘On the seventh day, God rested. On the eighth day man discovered genetic engineering and he BECAME a god.’ You call in whatever favors you have to and you get some men out to Bastogne Forest near the old airstrip.
“It is the Eighth Day, General. Your daughter is here, and the world is at stake.”

The line fell suddenly dead.

The General dialed the phone. “Hi, Diane, it’s Wayne, Wayne Ellington. Could you put me through to Colonel Chapman’s office please?”
Cost for this event:$50 pre-registered by March 15th, 2006
$65 March 16th, 2006 through event

Paint Costs: $75 per 2,000 round case of Karnage Premium (Tear)
$65 per 2,000 round case of Karnage Recreational Grade (Bite)

*Pre-register by March 11th and receive a $5 discount off your first case of paint and be entered into a special drawing to win a Paintball Marker, a case of event paint and a pass to another BlackCat Event

PLease come out and support Blackcat paintball! if you have any questions please go to :D thanks!!
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