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I have 25 feet of 1/8" Cocker LP tubing that I do not need!
The ID of the 1/8" tubing is 1/16" and is rated to 120psi at 73 degrees F
Operating temp is -31 degrees F to 122 degrees F

Suitable for and barb fittings, these makes a great hose for custom gun builds and projects! Don't leave your project gun unfinished!
This hose will also work in Push-to-Connect fittings, but you need very thin needle nose pliers to really jam the hose in far enough to have it connect correctly.

I can cut custom lengths and will cut down to whatever length you need!
Custom lengths will be calculated on an individual basis with $1.00 as the minimum price.
Color is clear, slightly opaque.

1 foot total (cut however you like):

5 feet total (cut however you like):

10+ feet (cut however you like):
$0.50 per foot

PayPal and USPS MO only please! All my prices include shipping!

Pics of it on my Psycho Ballistics Cocker
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