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I'm looking to trade my good condition Ion and LNIB Sniper Plus cash up to $500 for a nice high-end gun.


*Custom painted(red) and cut ion body
*Red Vi-rtue lazer eyes
*AKA 2-liter Reg.
*NDZ ASA and Rail
*Freak Barrel with 4 inserts
*CCM Feedneck
*Carbon Fiber trigger
*Dye Grips
*Macro line and fittings
*Vir-tue membrane pad
*Stock board, eyes.

2k4 Sniper:

*All stock parts
*CP direct mount ASA
*CP Gas-thru
*PMI Gas-thru adjustable stock
*Macro line and fittings
*Two BE Pocket Hoppers
*Pack to hold air tank and pods

Trades: Anything High-end and doesn't require me to add more than the two guns and $500

*I will NOT SHIP FIRST under any circumstances; don't even attempt to try.
*I will not deal with immature people
*Please post here before contacting me.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts