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I've got a 2k Blue Gloss Dark LCD up for sale. This gun was just on ebay but it didn't meet the reserve price, so I am selling this for CHEAP! I need to sell by this FRIDAY, so I am selling very very cheap.

Specs of gun are-

Blue Gloss 2k Warped Sportz Dark LCD "Devil's Tail" milling
16" Dye Boomstick barrel (Like New)
Blue Check-it-Products Clamping Low-rise (epoxied in, buy Can and Has been removed)
Chrome Dye Site rail (no longer made, works as a snatch grip)
NiMh Battery and switch (does not have memory, like most 2k and older angels)
One internal board button broke off, but modes and settings can still be changed with an allen wrench easily.

(Included, but not in pictures)
Stock 14" Infinity barrel
Blue gloss Dye lowrise
Spare o-rings

(Note that silver rail/ASA isn't included with gun, but I can find a duckbill and sell it to buyer for a little more)

This gun is FAST, and a great deal for the price. I've gotten it up to 19 BPS, and I have a pic of 17!

Gun is in great conidtion, just Cleaned, dissasembled, and lubed/replaced all Orings so there are no leaks and gun is shooting optimally. Only scratches that are easily visible are two on the minireg from removal.

I will sell for $460 SHIPPED WITHOUT BOOMSTICK, or $485 SHIPPED with boomstick! OBO I may sell for less if you have money in hand, And get get it here by friday.

Will not go lower than 460.

PAYPAL IS PREFFERED, but i will accept any form of payment that you can get here BY FRIDAY.

Serious offers only, i REALLY really really need to sell this by Friday. I have one positive feedback post on PBN and around 25 on ebay.

Here Are pics-

MORE pics can be found through these links-

You can contact me on AIM at Rabidindian25 or email me at [email protected]

NOTE- If I don't sell by Friday, I will probably raise the prices, so offer while you can!

Thanks, and talk to me with any questions
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