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well im getting a new gat so this baby has to go

the clear to blue tri fade nice, and ive only seen a few.

it has
pred 2.25 coded mini morlock board
Freak barrel (chrome back, red insert, 12in clear freak front)
Break beam eyes (DM4 eyes, and eclipse eye covers)
new cobra ball detent (works with halos)
new cobra trigger chrome
new cobra breach knob blue
new ss hammer (not installed)
twisty chrome feed neck

it comes with stock trigger, detent, 14in clear infinity barrel

only thing wrong with it is that the breach pin has broken (i was trying to get the knob off and it broke the little barb off) they run like 12$ and i have no intention of buying one

im looking for 425$ shipped

as far as trades go im looking for

2005 EGOs i add
Karnivors i add depending on specs
DM4-5 i add
IONs really nice you add cash and stuff
other nice cockers need clamping feed and E2 possibly MQ
timmys- anything with an alias style frame

other stuff just post up

any questions
IM me at Kubyspaz
email [email protected]

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i see you said no ions, but i thought i would throw this out there anyways

MAD upped Ion with
Stange aluminum body
ND trigger
ANS- QEV's not installed
Freak Back
AA freak front with .689 insert
2 feednecks aftermarket
Hybrid Scarface grips
ST drop forward
stock reg or foregrip, or both (used a mounted tank reg...)
gun rips and looks hot

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if u want this to sell u need to lower ur price. I realize u have pred and eyes installed but the resale on this gun is so low. Try $550 obo.
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