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Ok first off this is my friends marker and it has something wrong with it. All rings have been replaced. EVERY SINGLE ONE. what its doing is its shooting the first ball fine but the nest have no velocity at all. It may need a new reg or somethibng but we dont know. It cant be too big of a problem but who knows.....

Red/Chrome Marker
Torpedo Reg
2 Backplates Dye and original
J&J Ceramic 12"
CP 12" Black
Dye Volumizer
Stock grips and frame
Clamp Feedneck black
2 different Bolts included (Stock and another unknown)
Lapco Drop
Bottomline setup

The gun shoots good with no paint but when you shot paint through it it only will shoot the first ball at 280-420 FPS and then next barely make it out the barrel. ALL O-RINGS HAVE BEEN Replaced. Hammer/Bolt/Tophat/internals. matrix muxked the whole thing and used some DOW. it doesnt leak anymore it just doesnt shoot correctly. any suggestions?

I'm mostly willing to trade. Dont even post Tippmanss/Spyders(stacked tube blowbacks)/Pumps/

I'm looking for:

Impulses with Cricket or WAS boards and Eyes only
E-bladed Cockers
Timmys. anykind except classics. must have eyes!
B2K2's maybe

just offer I guess..... I will sell for 575.00 Shipped!

I dont have pictures right now but I could prolly get some in a few days! Sorry. Just picture a 2k2 E-matrix chrome red with a few extra things on it! It's cosmetically in fine condition! internally well somethings not right!

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I have a PIMP Ecocker with Tons of ups and a custom body

Ecocker with custom body
venturi bolt
shocktech phat hammer
Orracle valve kit
dye boomy
sto ram
Palmers micro rock reg
sameria trigger
hybrid reg

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i have a cocker im willing to throw in money along with the cocker lemme know
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