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I have a 2k2 Timmy for sale or trade. It is red to black fade, it is pretty much stock, it has an lcd screen, clamping feed, and dye stickies. I have only shot it a few times and haven't used it in an actual game. A few barbs have been replaced and it has new high flow hoses. (Will come with extra barbs). I am willing to trade to electronic cockers, especially mini e-class oracle, matrixes, perphaps other timmies, I dont want anything low end (spider, tippmann, etc), I also dont want any impulses unless heavily modded or like rat\freak factory (along those lines), also nothing ICD unless freestyle. I dont perticularly like angels but you can still post them. Also, I will NOT send first, I have lots of ebay feedback! Thanx, Kyle

NOTENOTENOTE ~ I will also trade for a promaster!!!

Hope to have pictures up soon.

Please post, PM, or aim.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts